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We all want to know what the future holds for us. There is so much we want to know about from a good astrologer.

Usually the querent (one who is asking the question) tends to ask too many questions within a question. That's not fair.

For example when your main question regarding marriage is "When will I get married?". Fair enough. But then in the same breath you ask "Will the partner be good looking?", "Will he/she professional?", "Which nationality?", "Which city?", "What type of personality he/she would be?" etc. etc.. 

In the above example, your main question was the timing of your marriage. the other questions are not the main focus of the astrologer. Once the astrologer determines the favorable period of marriage (answer of your main question) then he can look to answer the other related questions to best of his abilities (that too depends upon the type of consultation module selected by the client). You must remember that answering each of the question involves quite a lot of astrological analysis (and mental energy) on part of the astrologer. Thus, stick to your main concern only at a time and don't waste astrologer's energies by asking less important other related questions.

Of-course, you are entitled to ask several related questions IF you have selected one of such consultation module (which entitles you to ask many related question) and have paid for that.


Some of the sample questions may be:

When will I get married. Will my married life peacful
I am having problems in my married life. What is the future of this marriage
I have not been able to conceive. Will I have children.
My child is suffering from...problem. Will he be cured.
My mother (father, brother, sister etc) is having problem with.... Will it get solved
I am having property problems (with partner, family etc) will I win the court case
Will the legal case be in my favor (marriage, property, professional etc)
When will I get promoted?
Should I leave my present job for business?
Should I leave the present job for offer I have in hand?
When will I get employed?
Is it the right time to start a business. Will it succeed?
Should I go into partnership in my business?
Will I be transferred to another place, country?
I am or my loved one is suffering from medical problem, will it be cured?
Should I invest money in this venture?
Will I succeed in the examination I have taken (academic)?
Will I be accepted to the medical, engineering, professional college I have applied for or taken a competitive test?
Will I go abroad?
Will the job I have applied for abroad materialize?

There are a number of questions that you may want to ask from the astrologer. But, your focus should be on the core question.