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What is Mangal Dosha

Manglik dosha or Mangal (Kuja) dosha is much talked about topic in Indian society and manglik dosha analysis is the integral part of the horoscope matching 
process before marriage. Manglik dosh causes delays and hurdles in marrieage. Remedies for Mangalik dosh and Mars can help solve these problems of marriage. 
Mangal dosha is a commonly found dosha. This dosha is also called Kuja dosha or Bhauma dosha. This dosha occurs when the placement of Mars in the horoscope 
is in certain houses that cause malefic influences. People, in whose natal chart Mars is placed inauspiciously, are called Mangliks.

What is Mangalik Dosh and Effects of Mangal dosha and Remedies of Mangal dosha


Sample report

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 Are you "Mangali"? 
Know exact "Kuja-dosha" intensity calculation for your chart

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Salient features of this report:

Checking the "Mangal-dosha" (or, "Kuja-dosha", or, "Bhauma-dosha") in a birth-chart is perhaps one of the most misunderstood area while measuring the marital compatibility. One astrologer may find a chart having severe "Mangal-dosha" while another astrologer may declare the same chart clear of any "Mangal-dosha". A lay man, having no knowledge of Vedic astrology, finds himself in a dilemma - as to whom he should believe.

Late Dr. B.V. Raman, world-renowned astrologer, author of more than 100 books on Vedic astrology and former editor of the famous "Astrological Magazine", presented an unique formula to measure the exact intensity of "Mangal-dosha", on a scale of 100 points for each of the concerned malefic planets causing the dosha, in his books "Jaatak-Nirnay" and "How to judge a horoscope (vol. II)". Through this formula, maximum "Mangal-dosha" in a chart may reach up to 337.50 points.

Though, some of the astrologers (specially in Northern India) do not consider 2nd house while checking for "Mangal-dosha", but learned Dr. B.V. Raman and many other Jyotish scholars has strongly advocated to consider the 2nd house too. While, the 2nd house represents family and wealth on the one hand, it is also the "Marak-bhava" of self on the other hand. Through the principle of "BhaavatBhavam", it is also the 8th from 7th house and thus represents the age of the spouse. If Mars is posited in the 2nd house, it aspects the "Saubhaagya sthaan" or "Mangalya sthaan" of the wife through it's 7th aspect. Through it's 4th aspect, it afflicts the 5th house (house of progeny) and through it's 8th aspect, it afflicts the 9th, the most important house representing the destiny and "Dharma" of a person.

The following report is based on Dr. B.V. Raman's formula and hence considers the 2nd house also. It calculates "exact intensity" of "Mangal-dosha"/ "Kuja-dosha" in pure numerical terms in Rasi-charts (Lagna kundli) of both the persons and presents the detailed results in tabular form. Lesser the difference in net intensity of doshas in two charts, better it is.


Theoretically, The "Mangali-dosha"  (or, "Kuja-dosha", or, "Bhauma- dosha"), should not only be measured in Rasi-chart (Lagna kundli) but also in Moon-chart and Venus chart too. But, in practice, it becomes too complicated to adopt these calculations. The Rasi-chart has got the maximum importance in all matters and thus most of the astrologers considers Rasi chart only.

However, if you wish to get these tabulated calculations for Moon chart and Venus chart also, we may provide it at extra charge. You may write us for details.

Name: Harshita Gender:  Female
Date of birth: 4th July 1971
Time of birth: 4:35 hrs
Place of birth: New Delhi, India [028N36; 077E12]
Mangal (Kuja) dosha net intensity in Harshita's Lagna-chart:
Name    Posited Dosha  In  Relation   Dosha   benefi-  Net dosha
Malefics house  (Y/N) Sign with Sign  Inten.  -cence%  Intensity
Mars   :  8th    Yes   10  Sama       80.00  46.15%    83.08
Saturn : 12th    Yes    2  Mitr       26.25  46.15%    27.26
Rahu   :  8th    Yes   10  Mitr       52.50            52.50
Ketu   :  2nd    Yes    4  Shtr       33.75            33.75
Sun    :  1st    Yes    3  Sama       20.00  37.50%    22.50
                                     212.50           219.09
Out of the maximum possible intensity of Kuja-dosha (which is 337.50), the gross total of Kuja-dosha in Harshita's chart is 212.50 (62.96%). However, after considering the inclined beneficence of concerned planets also, the net value of Kuja-dosha becomes 219.09 (64.91%)

Harshita's would-be-spouse should also have the equal (or, near equal) 'Net intensity' of Mangal(Kuja) dosha for prosperous and fortunate married life. Lesser the difference in two values, more better it will be for the married life. The allowed range of 'net intensity of Kuja-dosha' in the horoscope of Harshita's prospective groom is between 219.09 and 273.75. The prospective grooms's Kuja-dosha intensity should not be more than 273.75 in any case. 
Mars is posited in the 8th House of Lagna-chart. This is one of the most undesirable location of the Mars - as far as marital life is concerned. The eighth house, being 2nd from 7th, is the 'Marak-bhava' (the house of death) for the spouse, because the second house from Lagna is considered 'Marak-bhava' for self. Mars posited in 8th house may reduce the age of the spouse. 

While posited in the 8th, Mars aspects the 2nd house by it's 7th aspect. The second house is the house of livelihood. It relates to earning capacity and our ability to provide for ourselves in life. Wealth & property, status, financial condition and ability to acquire material resources are signified by second house in general. BUT, it is also the 'Marak-bhava' (the house of death) for self. By the principle of 'BhavatBhavam', being 8th from the 7th house, it also signifies the age of the spouse. 

Mars posited in 8th house also aspects the 11th house (signifies income, aspirations, realization of desires) by it's 4th aspect and the 3rd house (signifies physical or mental vigour/energy, bravery, fearlessness, courage and prowess) by it's 8th aspect. 
Summary results for appearance of 'Mangalik-Dosha' in various charts:
Lagna kundli : 5 times (by: Mars, Sun, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu)
Navamsa kundli : 0 times
Chandra kundli : 3 times (by: Mars, Saturn, Rahu)
7th Sgf kundli : 5 times (by: Mars, Sun, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu)
Report prepared by:
Shyam S Kansal
(Vedic Astrologer)


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