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Visha Kanya (The “Poison Damsel”)
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Sample report

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 Check presence of Vish kanya dosha in the birth-chart of

Sample Girl

Gender :


Date of birth :

18 November 1972

Time of birth :

15:35 hrs (Zonal Standard Time in 24 hrs. format)

Place of birth :

Bombay, India (018N58'00; 072E49'59)
ZST:  5:30 hrs ahead of GMT Applicable DST:  0.00 hr

As per the above birth-data, native's Vedic (sidereal) ascendant is Pisces ('Meen'), the Vedic Moon sign ('Rashi') is Pisces ('Meen') and Janma-nakshatra (birth-star) is Reoti (pada-4). Please be reminded that do not confuse it with native's tropical (Western) ascendant and tropical Moon-sign, which may be same or a sign higher (in this case, tropical ascendant is 'Aries').

In Indian astrology, the concept of "Visha-kanya" (The Poison-girl) is very old and gets mentioned in Rishi Horas. The brief treatise, "Jataka-Alankara" by Ganesha written in 1613 AD gives several planetary combinations in its "Visha Kanya Adhyaya" (chapter-4). The "Parasara Hora Shastra", Chapter 80 (Female Horoscopy) also mentions several combinations for "Visha-kanyas". It has been described in "Jataka-Tatva" as follows:

"Sa durbhaga mritapatya dhanona sokarta"

[She will not have beautiful hips, she will give birth to dead children, she will not have enough money, she would be sad always]

Or, in other words, it is the lack of beauty, wealth and luck that makes her "Visha-kanya". It is because anyone who marries her will have to share her unluck and sadness. Actually it is the very reason because of which she is called "Vishakanya" (Poison-damsel); it is actually her own destiny and the destiny she touch upon (her husband's) is what is actually poisoned, NOT she herself.

The tantrics of the olden and golden eras, knew before hand when a particular constellation and planetary configuration would appear, and any girl born in these configurations was chosen to be the "Vish-Kanyas" for the Kings of yore because of their deadly potency, already given and licensed by the stars.

If a bad tantric came to know of birth of such a girl, then he would try to take her away with him to assist him in the ghory rites and rituals for spreading evil. Which is why in the olden times, the horoscopes of girls were not shown, to each and every Tom Dick and Harry pundit coming at the door.

The "Visha Kanya Dosha" will never take a couple to a happy wedded life. Visha Kanya (literally, 'poison damsels') comes from a reprehensible practice of yester years in which kings located girls whose horoscopes promised widowhood. Such girls were used to kill the enemies. The planetary combinations also applies to male charts as well. The males, who are born during these combinations, will destroy their families and their clan, and that females will destroy their husbands. Visha Kanya combinations can, for both males and females, foster heightened susceptibility to alcohol, drugs or tobacco, lactose intolerance, environmental and emotional sensitivities, food abuse, and other such over-reactive states.

In yester-years, poison was injected by Kings into the body of girls, having such planetary combinations in their charts. In modern times, the poisoning of body, mind or intellect may come into life of such natives accidentally or due to ignorance or due to own stupidity. Visha-kanyas of modern times are the ones carrying the deadly HIV virus or the persons spreading drug addiction in society - leading to slow death of the other person.

Most of the "Visha-kanya yogas" are based on specific combinations of 'Janma-vaar', 'Janma-tithi' and 'Janma-nakshatra'. Some of these yogas are based on specific planetary configuration in native's birth-chart. A few yogas are based on specific combinations of 'Janma-vaar' and 'Janma-nakshatra' only (Tithi not considered). There is slight variance in listed "Visha-kanya yogas" in various astrological texts.

To prepare this report, we have mostly followed the yogas mentioned in 'Jataka-Alankara' ("Visha Kanya Adhyaya") and "Parasara Hora Shastra" Chapter 80 (Female Horoscopy). However, besides them, some yogas on this subject have also been considered from other authentic ancient astrological texts.

At the time of native's birth, the Moon was in Reoti nakshatra, and taatkalik tithi was Shukla-12 [Dwadashi]. The astrological 'Janma-vaar' was Shani-vaar [Saturday].
The above mentioned combination of 'Vaar', 'Tithi' and 'Nakshatra' OR combination of 'Vaar' and 'Nakshatra' only, in native's chart is creating a mild form of 'Visha-kanya yoga'.
Some of the 'Visha-kanya yogas' are based on location of various benefic and malefic planets in specific houses of a natal-chart. Native's ascendant is 'Meen' (Pisces). In this birth-chart - Sun is posited in House-9; Moon occupies House-1; Mars is in House-8; Mercury is placed in House-9; Jupiter is posited in House-10; Venus occupies House-7; Saturn is in House-3; Rahu occupies House-10 and opposite to it, Ketu is in House-4.

The above mentioned planetary configuration (location of benefic and malefic planets) in native's birth-chart does not create 'Visha-kanya yoga'.
CAUTION: 'Vish-kanya yoga' is present !!

The native's birth-chart shows presence of a mild form of 'Visha-kanya yoga' prima-facie. This yoga is found in some of the astrological texts. Now, we need to check for the presence of nullification combinations for this evil yoga, if any.
Nullification combinations for this evil yoga:
Two quotes are available in Jyotish texts that speaks about the "Bhanga yoga" for Vish-kanya dosha. Both the quotes speak about the same combinations and same nullification yogas.
The first one is from "Jataka Tatva". It reads -
" Dyunape va Subhe(a)ste Vishakhya na "

The meaning of above Shloka is -
If the 7th lord or a benefic planet (Jup, Ven, Mer, Moon) is in 7th house, then she is no more a Visha kanya.
Another very popular quote is from "Stri Jataka" which reads -

" Lagnadindo subho va yadi madanapatir dyunayayee vishakhyam
Dosham chaivanapatyam tadanu cha niyatam hanti vaydhavya dosham Ittham jneyam grahnjaiH sumatibhirakhilam yogajatam grahana- maryairaryanumartya matamiha gatitam jatake kamineenam. "

[BPHS Chapter 81, Streejatak, Shloka 46]

The meaning of above Shloka is -

If the 7th lord or a benefic planet (Jup, Ven, Mer, Moon) is placed at the 7th house from Lagna or Moon, then Vishakanya dosha, Vaidhavya dosha etc does not apply. This is the opinion followed by those who know well about the results given by the planets, and those who follow the great traditional system of astrology, while reading the horoscope of women.
Checks for nullifying combinations in native's chart:
In the native's Lagna-chart, one benefic planet is posited in the 7th House mitigating the Vish-Kanya dosha. The 7th Lord, Mercury, is not placed in the 7th house of Lagna chart and, thus, do not contribute in mitigating the Vish-kanya dosha. In Moon-chart, the 7th lord, Mercury, is posited in house-9. It does not contribute to lessen the Vish-kanya yoga.
As described above, this dreaded yoga stands nullified and this horoscope should now be considered as normal and without any sort of 'Vish-kanya yogas'.
Prepared by:
Shyam S Kansal
(Vedic Astrologer)


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