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Multi-angle in-depth analysis of a matrimonial proposal
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 Comprehensive Multi-angle in-depth astrological analysis of a matrimonial proposal under consideration

Compatibility reports


This report is basically meant for those who wish to have in-depth astrological investigation about the birth-chart of a person, who is under consideration as a prospective spouse (groom or bride). A compatibility report (like "Ashtkoot" report) simply shows the "smooth sailing of a partnership (marriage)" with minimal non-agreements between the two partners. However, it does not check into longevity, health, progeny, personality (inner and outer, both) and career related issues. A compatibility report basically looks for "adjustments" which the two people will be able to make mutually and thus be able to sail through the married life without creating unbearable disturbances for each other. It's inherent stress remains on the "quantum of married-life" during the available life-span of the two persons (yes, it does not check for the longevity and health issues of the partners). On the contrary, the current report's inherent stress is on investigating the promised "quality" - be it the married life or the health or the progeny, for the person concerned.

The natal-promises are pre-written in our horoscopes. They can not be altogether changed. Though, slight modifications are possible due to our sincere efforts. The natal promises are independent of compatibility checks. Both of these two things are totally different. If a person does not have astrological signatures in his (or her) birth-chart promising the "quality in conjugal life" or "quality of health", the real bliss (or quality) will be missing from his (or her) life-together. But, he (or she) may still complete the long journey of married life, celebrating the marriage-anniversaries for several coming years (may even celebrate silver and golden jubilees). It will be like completing a long journey with a co-passenger without creating noise but also without enjoying it fully, just because the co-passenger was already destined so. Therefore, it would be prudent to check that you start a long journey with a co-passenger who is not only cooperative to you but also destined to complete the journey with proper health and also have pre-written signatures enabling him (or her) to enjoy the every stage of it.

Scope, utility and the salient features of this report:

The scope and utility of this report is two dimensional:

The first utility of this report is to see the strengths and the weaknesses in the birth-chart of a prospective spouse, so that you may avoid starting the long journey of life with a partner who might be lacking in one or more vital areas, astrologically. Though, he/she may be fully compatible with you. The "compatibility" and "capabilities" are two totally different issues. The best marriages are those where both the partners are fully "compatible" to each-other, as-well-as, fully "capable" also to shoulder the responsibilities of married life. This report would investigate the astrological signatures of the would-be-spouse about the natal promises in his/her birth-chart for the "quality of conjugal life", "career prospects and prosperity", "longevity and health", "overall and internal personality", prospects of smooth sailing through life for at least next 10 years, and other related vital issues.

The second utility of this report is to check that the weaknesses shown in your own horoscope are getting rectified in the birth-chart of the prospective spouse. It will counter-balance the deficiency, which was otherwise promised in your chart. If the chart of your prospective spouse is also depicting the weaknesses in same areas of life, it will only enhance the negative effect. Such situation should be avoided at all costs. A typical example may be "progeny". Suppose, your 5th house, it's lord and significator et. el are highly afflicted and you are destined to have no children or un-healthy children. In such a case, this situation may be controlled if birth-chart of your partner have a very strong 5th house and it's lord and significators are un-afflicted and have more benefic aspects. However, please remember that analysis of your own horoscope is beyond the scope of the current report.

The approach and methodology:

The report is basically in the form of a check-list, filled-in with the very precise short answers. The check-list itself was developed with the course of time during author's  24 year's astrological practice (since year 1987). Author used to cross-check several astrological factors to arrive at a conclusion on a particular life-aspect of the person concerned, instead of basing his decision on just one or two commonly considered factors.

Most of the considered factors have been properly standardized and their results may be seen in precise percentage terms. This approach of checking each individual life-aspect through several intricate Jyotish principles gives the advantage of seeing the strengths (and weaknesses) much more precisely than if it would have been seen through just one or two principles. Here, you may find weakness shown by one check being compensated by the strength shown in the other check. Or, vice-versa, you may also find weakness shown by one check being confirmed by the other checks.