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Why people are seeking Mantra?
For peace and happiness, material prosperity, stable health,  happy married life etc.

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The power of Mantras & Shlokas has been acknowledged since time immemorial. A Mantra can consist of a powerful word or a combination of words and can be used for self realization, for freedom from worries, to fulfill one's desires, to ward off the effects of malefic planets, to bring you success, peace and contentment -- the range is truly vast. You can choose for yourself. 

Here in below, we have listed part of the mails from some of our customers seeking recommendation of suitable Mantra for peace and happiness, for material prosperity, stable health, success in career, happy married life, accomplishing the goals, for meditation purposes, overcoming romantic difficulties, satisfaction in life, .... ... and what not?
I don't know what is blocking my success in life (money, relationship and career). Please recommend me a Mantra to energize my life purpose and attain greater spiritual awareness.

Jea. Mar. Ma..ing

I am seeking Mantra for material prosperity, stable health and emotions and family.

Gan..h Rajap...

I am quite close to moving from a level of comfort to great wealth through my creative work as a writer/director and teacher, all of which are through projects which offer a message of hope. I hope to enhance the positive energy that\'s flowing -- and of course remove any negative energy or obstacles. I know, Vedic Mantras can help me in this direction.

Edw... Vil..

What can I do to be successful in love and social life ? Which mantras?

Carlo. Bern...o

I am seeking my Mantra for 1) Deep Spiritual Understanding; 2) Good health to age 84 3) Financial Independence

Bar. Wal..n

Suitable mantras to ward off delays and red tape to get appropriate work in my usual occupation to improve my finances and help clear my debts. Also to help bring peace, happiness and harmony in family life.

An..d Guz..r

My husband has been suffering with collapsing spine and in the past four years his problem has got worse. Due to his health problem we had to sell his business. As it has been some time, I need to get a job. I have taken certain courses in bookkeeping and am looking for a job. I want to be able to get the right job and also be able to carry on working for several years. I would like a Mantra to help me achieve this.

Jaysh..e Nan...i

Can\'t get success in career, in other words, can\'t get what i want. I hope that recitation of proper Mantra can help me.

Karm..h Pat.i

I have been trying to get married for the last 2 years without any luck. Which mantra will be useful for me to get married?

Nit..h Ko.a

I am currently single. I desire to attract a beautiful and a chaste girl for my marriage and I desire to be blessed with a blissful and a happy married life. Suggest me a Mantra so that my married life would be harmonious and peaceful at the mental, emotional, spiritual, sexual and physical levels and that I find true love in my married relationship with my wife.

Puru....ham S

Suggest me a Mantra for luck and success in life. 

Aj.t Vatt...od

I want to marry the spouse of my choice in North America. I have been chanting "Om Gung Ganapatayei Namaha" and worshipping Durga yantra daily. What other mantra should I do to accomplish my goals.

An..d Chat...edi

I need advice on becoming successful in business.  Right now nothing is going my way and there are obstacles in all that I do.

An..d Sha..a

Wish to know suitable Vedic mantra as per my horoscope for meditation purposes.

Gay..ri Pa..l

I donít want to get into details explaining how hard is to live like that. Everyone seems to be against me. You can hardly breathe actually. My life is a horrible nightmare. Believe it or not, I still think, that I can get over that, thatís why I want to have your mantra; it will certainly help me. thank you.

Jua. Bos.. C..dra

I have had romantic difficulties my whole life. I would like a mantra to help create a happpy, creative romantic life. This doesn\'t necessarily have to lead to marriage. I just want more fulfillment romantically/sexually: an appropriate boyfriend, who I can truly love and be attracted to and appreciate.

Ly.n Ma..e B.az

Want to migrate but US visa is not forthcoming despite several attempts. I hope that recitation of my Mantra with complete devotion will help me in this situation.

Mani..a Pa.ni

No satisfaction in life in spite of having everything. Suggest me a Mantra which can bring ďSatisfactionĒ in my life.

Pur.i Gup.a

I have never seen good days, always one problem after another. Made money and even lost, No respect  from other relatives and near family members. Have got to a point that now I am fed up.  Donít know what to do and where to go. Please advise me on a mantra which can change my life.

Raj..h Sh.h

Though residing in USA for last 6 years, I have met with numerous failures, repeated break of profession, huge loss of money in my life. Till this age of 46 years it looks like life has been a total disaster - financially, physically, mentally. Unmarried till date and facing problems from home too. Can you please suggest proper remedy/ Mantra ?

Sant..u Ba..rjee

Need help with business/career and money.  My business activities have not generated any closed deals or income for over a year now.  My family and I have had to keep borrowing on credit cards to survive.  We have had a lot of money come in every now and then in the past, but it seems to have run out very quickly every time.  Now we are once again in a difficult financial situation.  Please suggest mantras that would help with the business and money problems.  Thank you.

Sin..r W.n

I want the suitable mantra for progress on career front, financial gain and mental peace and improving relations with other people.

Vi.ay Kulk..ni

I want to be strong and wise enough to always keep on going the way to moksha, so that one day I may achieve it. My goal above all is moksha and to be delighted to experience (not only to mentally know), that I have always been and always will be with the lord, Brahma. I know, my best planetís Mantra can help me achieve my objective.

Yv.nne Papado..ulos