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The degree of success can only be adjudged based on actual results. Therefore permit us to share a chain of events in their chronological order. Convinced of the veracity of the efforts invested since 1987 and feeling that the time was ripe, we decided to share our views with the outside world in 1996. 

Between 12th November and 22nd November 1996, we sent an open letter to more than 8,000 fund managers, portfolio managers, stockbrokers etc, all over India, introducing our method of analysis and prediction. Therein also was a set of predictions pertaining to the movement of leading pivotals on the Indian stock market for the period until 31st March 1997. 

That this is not a tall claim in retrospect is borne by the fact that a leading financial newspaper, "Business Standard" carried an article based on this very letter on the front page of its edition dated 5th December 1996. It must be mentioned that the tone of the article was satirical in nature, but that is not a matter of discussion here.

Herein below is the list the events, in chronological order, to assess what happened thereafter. We collected the news cuttings from leading financial news papers for next few months.

"Economic Times" dated 29th Nov.1996 (headlines):
"SBI posts Rs.640.80-cr net profit in first half (of 1996-97)".

The profits were substantially higher than previous year's (1995-96) Rs.230.40 cr. only .The SBI scrip flared up in kerb (un-official) deals immediately. We had predicted that the relative strength of SBI scrip may be the main anchor for BSE sensex stability during the first quarter of 1997, when other heavy weight might be in turmoils

"Economic Times" dated 3rd Dec.1996 reports that:
"MRTPC slaps notice on Bajaj Auto for restricting dealers".

We had predicted  that Bajaj Auto Ltd. is bound to enter in turbulent waters from 7th Dec.'96 onwards.

"Business Standard" dated 5th Dec.1996 (headlines):
"Shares hit new lows as Sensex dips 52 points."

Sensex hits 2745.06 figure on 4th Dec. According to analysts at UTI Securities, the Sensex is expected to touch 2600 within the forthcoming settlement. Such a gloomy atmosphere persisted in the first week of December 1996 when we very courageously predicted that sudden upsurge from 13th Dec.'96 was imminent.

"Business Standard" publishes a satirical article in its 5th Dec.1996 edition, titled "Prophets have field day as indices plumb depths",  based on our forecast-letter. Article's highly sarcastic nature indicates that our predictions were totally opposite to the prevailing market mood. However, publication of this article on 5th December 1996 created an irrefutable evidence that our forecast letters reached its destinations before 5th Dec.1996.

"The Economic Times" dated 12th Dec.1996 (Headlines):
"Sensex shoots up 143 points after PM's promise"

Sensex shoots up 143 points (5.11%), from 2798.57 to 2941.36, in a single day, after PM's 'promise' that the Govt. will review the controversial minimum alternate tax (MAT) on companies before next budget. It was in confirmation of our forecast that BSE Sensex can witness a sudden upsurge from 13th December 1996 for a very short time, till Christmas holidays. This was for the first time in many months that the Sensex witnessed a rally of such a magnitude.

 "Economic Times" dated 20th Dec.1996:
"Sensex shoots up further during the week and closes at 3110.19, due to persistent and heavy all-round buying support."

It was a hefty 311.62 point rise within a span of 10 days only just before the Christmas holidays, as predicted.                                

"Economic Times" dated 22nd Dec.1996 (article):
The paper carried an article by P.N.Vijay, a well known stock analyst,  titled "Buoyant week for market", in which he wrote that it was interesting that this type of rally should take place at the fag end of the year. Normally this is the time when shares should have fallen. His article was a testimony to the efficacy of financial astrology which predicted it a month in advance.

"The Economic Times" dated 15th May 1997 carried a statement of Rahul Bajaj (Chairman, Bajaj Auto Ltd.), of which, some excerpts are as follows:

-  "The industrial growth was quite satisfactory in the first half (of 1996-97). But it fell in the second half. It is difficult to pinpoint the reason for the decline."

-  "The liquidity problem in the second half was not worse than what it was in the corresponding period of '95-96. Similarly, interest rates were not higher than those in the first half of the year or in the second half of the previous year. Hence, there must be some other reason. It could be political uncertainty. But even the political uncertainty began after February'97."

-  "I had to cut down production plans for two-wheelers."

His statement was in exact conformity of our forecast in November 1996 that Bajaj Auto is bound to enter in turbulent waters from 7th Dec.'96 onwards.

"Economic Times" dated 3rd Oct.1997 carried an article, headlined - "Bajaj stock value plummets 40%" . It said that Bajaj Auto was the biggest victim of a drop in market capitalization (MC) on BSE, after the Sensex shed more than 700 points or 15% over its 52 week high. Bajaj Auto witnessed the maximum fall (40%) among the Sensex stocks. We had predicted it months in advance.

Needless to mention that our predictions regarding the movement of the pivotals on Bombay Stock Exchange were almost correct. These forecasts were later on beautifully analyzed by Anshumalee Sood in his article "Ashtakvarga and The Financial Astrology".


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