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Dominant colours are different for "Day segment" and "Night segment". However, "Recessive colour" remains the same for both the segments. But, some times, you will find that "Dominant colour" and "Recessive colour", both, are same. It means that colour is "moderate" at that time, neither dominant nor recessive.

The "Day segment" starts at the Sun-rise and ends with Sunset. The "Night segment" starts at the Sunset, continues through-out the whole night, and ends at the next Sun-rise.

The Dominant and Recessive colours are Universal. Dominant colour indicates the "Winning colour" and "Recessive colour" indicate the loosing colour on that day. Irrespective of your own personal lucky colour, which may be different one, these Panch-pakshi colours are time specific, while your own lucky colour is a constant. It is advisable to wear time specific dominant colour on those occasions where you wish to win an argument or some sort of competition or bargain, going  for an interview or buying lotteries etc. For analogy purposes, you may compare the Dominant colour with the colour  of the Ruling Political Party. Everybody wants to "show" that he is with the Current Ruling Party of the State, though by heart, he may be of a different political opinion. Same is the case with us. Though, our lucky colour may be different, we should try to show that we are with the winning (Dominant) colour on that day. You may say that we should be "Opportunist" in this matter and change our colour loyalties everyday. Our ultimate aim is to "Win".

Sometimes, you may not be in a position to wear the dominant colour due to occasion specific requirements or etiquette.  For example, suppose, Dominant colour is Green. Now, Green is the colour which can not be worn during a corporate meeting. In fact, it is strictly Grey, White, Black, Blue kind of colours which are normally worn during corporate meetings. Shirts are normally white. 

In this situation, you may carry a handkerchief, wear socks and undergarments of dominant colour to increase the influence of dominant colour on your persona. Instead of "nothing", it is always better to have "something" of the dominant colour on your body or with you. It will surely help you.

A note about 'Panch-Pakshi':

Using or avoiding particular colours on a day is a very minuscule application of actual "Pancha Pakshi Shastra". In fact, it's extra-ordinary utility lies in providing you the precise knowledge of your strength and weakness for a particular hour of a particular day. It is a down to the earth practical system, which can be applied with advantage for all matters in day to day life and by individuals in all walks of life, to lead a successful life with complete gratification, both in mental, physical and even in spiritual planes.

Using the 'Pancha Pakshi Shastra' is like "astrological planning"  of your important activities. You must lie low when you should lie low and you must be active when you should be active. Besides that, people have reported increase in their positive energy and thought process by following this colour table. For more information, visit following web-link:
Testimonials from Vedic Jyotish Scholars

About Shyam S Kansal

The mysterious 'Pancha Pakshi Shastra' is a unique system of Vedic astrology, propounded by our ancient seers thousands of years ago, which has been considered a golden key in the hands of man which can be used with advantage in any endeavour and in any walk of life. The system is said to be 'unfailing' as it is based on natural laws of five elements ("The Pancha Mahabhutas") combined with 'Astro Stellar' force of each individual. It's extra-ordinary utilities lies in providing you the precise knowledge of your strength and weakness for a particular hour of a particular day. Read more about this system at following URL:
What information the complete Panch-Pakshi report provides?
The complete Panch-pakshi report provides the following four types of information:
a. Quality of your own intraday time (in "Hours" and "Minutes).
b. Quality of time for other Stellar birds at any given moment
What colours are "Dominant" or "Recessive" on a given day  
d. Which Direction (among 8 Directions) is strongest at the moment  
For ensuring success, (a) one should utilize his/her  "Strongest moments", (b) should sit in the "Strongest Direction" and (c) wear the "Dominant Colour". All of the above four information are available in the full format panch Pakshi report.
Frequently Asked Questions about Panch-pakshi:
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About Shyam S Kansal

Testimonials from Vedic Jyotish Scholars

Shyam S Kansal is a Vedic Astrology Counsellor, based in Bulandshahr (U.P.), India, having experience in Vedic Astrology of more than three decades. He is considered an expert in Ashtakvarga system, Sarvatobhadra chakra and Panch Pakshi shastra. He is fascinated in discovering the forgotten secrets of Jyotish and in love with ancient scriptures. He believes in restoring the original spiritual roots to the science of Vedic astrology.

Hes also a trusted advisor to traders, entrepreneurs, and creative individuals who want to maximize peace, personal wealth and abundance of every kind in their lives. He has earned a vast array of practical experience and cutting-edge expertise to his work with innovative businesses and highly motivated individuals.
Shyam launched his Jyotish web-portal "howisyourdaytoday.com", in the year 2000. That was one of the very few astrology websites at that time. He has developed very comprehensive software on "Sarvatobhadra-chakra", which is the only one of it's kind till date on this highly complicated Swara-shastrabased subject. The "Sarvatobhadra-chakra" has always been shrouded in mystery due to its complexity. Most of the astrology softwares do not dare to touch this subject at all.

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