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Astro-gambling analysis of winning colours and directions
Purpose of the report:

This report tries to identify probable winners on the basis of dominant colour of player's outfit (clothing, cap etc.) and his/her seated direction in the playing room. The mysterious "Panch-pakshi shastram" provides exhaustive guide-lines in this regard.

The report tries to identify possible winning colours and directions during gambling sessions or in Casinos, based on the comparative strengths calculations of all the five stellar birds for "each minute" of given duration. If, for a player, both these parameters (dominant colour and strongest direction) matches with the colours and directions shown in the report, chances of his/her winning, during a particular time slot, increases considerably.

Though, practically, it is not always possible to change one's seating direction during middle of the gambling session, However, one may still use this table quite beneficially by changing his/her cap or jacket of required colour during different time slots.

Typical sample of the report:  

Las Vegas (036N10'00; 115W09'00)
Standard time-zone: 08:00 [DST: 00:00].
Date: January 05, 2009
Time duration:  12:00 hrs. (Noon) to 23:59 hrs. (Mid-night)

Sample report for 12 hours

Time-slots Colours Winning direction
12:00 to 12:43 [00:43]  White, light blue, pink        South
12:44 to 13:22 [00:38]  Yellow,orange,light brown      East
13:23 to 14:15 [00:52]  Green, beige, dove             North & North-East
14:16 to 14:39 [00:23]  Yellow,orange,light brown      East
14:40 to 15:18 [00:38]  Black,grey,dark brown/blue     Middle/un-certain
15:19 to 15:42 [00:23]  Green, beige, dove             North & North-East
15:43 to 16:06 [00:23]  Black,grey,dark brown/blue     Middle/un-certain
16:07 to 16:11 [00:04]  Red, crimson, reddish-brown    West & North-West
16:12 to 16:35 [00:23]  Green, beige, dove             North & North-East
16:36 to 17:04 [00:28]  Red, crimson, reddish-brown    West & North-West
17:05 to 17:39 [00:34]  Green, beige, dove             North & North-East
17:40 to 17:47 [00:07]  Black,grey,dark brown/blue     Middle/un-certain
17:48 to 18:15 [00:27]  Red, crimson, reddish-brown    West & North-West
18:16 to 18:23 [00:07]  Yellow,orange,light brown      East
18:24 to 18:51 [00:27]  Green, beige, dove             North & North-East
18:52 to 19:27 [00:35]  Red, crimson, reddish-brown    West & North-West
19:28 to 19:56 [00:28]  Green, beige, dove             North & North-East
19:57 to 20:32 [00:35]  Black,grey,dark brown/blue     Middle/un-certain
20:33 to 20:39 [00:06]  White, light blue, pink        South
20:40 to 21:15 [00:35]  Green, beige, dove             North & North-East
21:16 to 21:43 [00:27]  Black,grey,dark brown/blue     Middle/un-certain
21:44 to 22:19 [00:35]  Green, beige, dove             North & North-East
22:20 to 22:48 [00:28]  Black,grey,dark brown/blue     Middle/un-certain
22:49 to 23:24 [00:35]  Yellow,orange,light brown      East
23:25 to 23:31 [00:06]  Red, crimson, reddish-brown    West & North-West
23:32 to 23:59 [00:27]  Black,grey,dark brown/blue     Middle/un-certain
You should right-tick or cross mark the correct and wrong predictions
respectively in above table. Mark 'Colour' and 'Direction' individually.
For example, if winning colour was same as written in table, put a
right-tick on 'Colour'. However, suppose, the wining direction differed
from table - you should put a cross mark on 'Direction'. This way, at the
end of the day, you would have a data-sheet in your hands which can be
analyzed for correctness of the system.
Wherever, the direction is shown as 'Middle/un-certain', it means if
somebody is seated in the 'middle', he/she may win. Though, this is not the
practical scenario but astrological texts mentions it like this. Therefore,
we have added 'un-certain' after it.

The above shown sample report displays possible winning colours and directions during gambling or in Casinos, based on calculation of comparative strengths of the five birds for "each minute" between 12:00 hrs noon and 23:59 hrs.mid-night (for twelve hours duration). However, you may specify your own timings, as per your own specific requirements for any duration within a day in the same price.. (Read meaning of "per-day" in context of this report).

Price of the report: INR  500 / per day USD $  12 / per day
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