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My experiences with "Panch-pakshi" in Stock-market

Ajay Gupta

Dear Shyam

You have wanted me to share my experiences with "Panch-pakshi" report. For that, I need to give little introduction of myself so that you and other users of your report can properly understand what I am going to write in following paragraphs. Though usage pattern may change for people from different backgrounds but, I think, the basic underlying principles and experiences would remain almost same for every one.

I am a Delhi based small investor in stock-market. I do it part-time but regularly since long back. I do intra-day trading as-well-as also buy and sell stocks on delivery basis.

I am using your "Intra-day Panch-Pakshi Shastra" based report since last several months. Initially, I took it casually. But after some time, I realized that it works. I started using it more carefully and my buy and sell decisions became more dependant on your report. I must admit that it has really helped me a lot to earn more from stock-market than my previous average of successes. The count of erroneous decisions have come down significantly after using "Panch-pakshi".

As asked by you, I am sharing some of my experiences, which I gathered and encountered, while using my personalized Panch-pakshi report. The major experiences are as under:
My foremost experience has been that it is really the "Frame of mind", which works at a given time and decides the ultimate fate of my action. I have felt that the "Panch-pakshi" can identify whether I was in a proper mental state at a particular time to take a vital decision.

For example, the transaction decisions (stocks buy or sell) taken in my "Excellent" or "Good" or "Fair" marked time-slots in your report, were mostly the "BEST DECISIONS TAKEN".

Though the actual "Action" is important but the "Decision taking" is more important and should be taken in your "Golden moments" only.  I could identify those moments easily through the "Panch-pakshi" report.
I have experienced it many -many times that whenever I had hesitated to do any transactions (buy or sell), even though against the prevailing market-mood, and your report showed those time slots as my "Excellent" or "Good" time-slots, I had been a gainer even without any action. 

For example, suppose, I initially wanted to sell my stocks, but during my "Excellent" or "Good" time slots, I reversed my decision and decided not to sell. My experience has been that the market has scaled new peak invariably thereafter,  very soon. It resulted in more profits on my stocks-in-custody, in very near future, than, had I acted upon on my original decision of selling.

Same way, many times, at the start of the day, I planned to buy some stocks, based on a "very reliable market tip" or "analysis", but at the nick of time during the day, I decided not to act.  After few minutes, or few hours, market suddenly starts plummeting. I check my "Panch-pakshi" report in disbelief (which I always keep in my pocket). I find that it was either my "Good" or "Excellent"  time slot when I decided not to buy. I have been saved from huge losses.
I have also learnt a precious lesson about your report through my past mistakes. One should "Never take a decision or make-up his mind in advance" without verifying the "Quality of his time". As I have written above, all important decisions should be taken in good time-slots only. Once you already decide that "What you want to do?", you become prejudiced and no much use of "Panch-pakshi" is left. The only use left now is that "When you can do it?". In such cases, "Panch-pakshi" may not be very helpful.

During initial days of using your report, I made this mistake many times and lost heavily. I would first decide in the morning that I had to buy a particular stock today, without referring to your report. Thereafter, I would look at your report and mark my good timings on it to decide that "When I have to buy it?". This was my biggest mistake which I realized later. Once a decision has already been taken, what astrology can do? Now only the implementation part of that decision is remaining.

After few mistakes, I realized the real intent of "Panch-pakshi". Thereafter, I would remain completely idle during my "Poor" or "Worst" marked time slots. I would avoid taking any investment (or, disinvestment) decision during those sleazy times. As soon as my "Excellent", "Good" or "Fair" time-slots appeared in the report, I would re-start thinking again about my next course of action that " Should I sell or buy now?" , and, "What to sell or buy?". I would, of course, implement my decisions within my good time slots only.
The most important thing which I had experienced is that if had gone against this report, i.e., if I had made any transaction in my poor or worst marked time-slots than that particular transaction was the most loss giving transaction to me.

Shyam, there are so many other things, which I have experienced with your report, but at the moment, I can re-collect only some of them and I have tried to put them in this mail. I do hope,  other user's of your report will be benefited from my experiences. I shall try to write more experiences as I go through them.

In nut-shell, I will say - "Your Panch-pakshi report is just excellent !". Using it in combination with your software "Stock Compass", the utility enhances even further. Keep it up.

17th September 2007


Ajay Gupta


Jawahar Nagar, Delhi



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