Shiv Shankar Gupta

Father of India's Gem stone industry

Shiv Shankar Lal Gupta

Shiv Shankar Gupta

Popularly known as the father of India's gemstone industry in the colored stone world.

[One of our most distinguished clients from the early days of "Vjyotish-exl"]

In the 1950's, Mr. S.S. Gupta survived the cannibals and tropical diseases in the jungles of South Africa to find Emeralds. He bought a 70 year stock of Emeralds from the government of Columbia and initiated a process that turned the pink city Jaipur into the Emerald City.

He is in gemstone business especially raw material, mining emeralds in a big way, for the last 50 years. He presently own world's largest high quality emerald mining in Zambia known as KAGEM.

National Geographic credited him as the largest emerald dealer in the world in value as well as volume.

He has been presented with a "Lifetime Achievement Award" in 1992 by The Diamond & Colored Stone Association, New York.

He has mining interest in Brazil, South Africa and presently in Zambia. Mr. Gupta has been in Synthetic (CORUNDUM) Stone business for the last 60 years and Cubic Zirconia (CZ) business since inception for the production of Russians and then Americans. He has subsequently also been the first one having his own CZ production plant in India. He has been largest dealers in CZ till mid 1990s and supplying to various countries including India. 

With gold market in India going up to 100 Thousand Crore, his new venture, Clarity Gold, has come in a big way in manufacturing jewellery, gold refining and gold minting. His product covers all segments for the masses from silver jewellery to gold and diamond jewellery. He has already launched a few jewellery brands which have been very successful in the market like Clarissa [Silver jewellery] & Ishtaa [Gold & Cubic Zirconia]

He has his own 6 factories for processing gemstone and manufacturing jewellery at Jaipur with strength of more than 2000 employees.

With a huge demand for innovative designs and a high potential in the colored gemstone segment, his company launched 6 months ago a new brand "AURA" which is an 22kt & 18kt lightweight, hallmarked and certified jewellery collection studded with Rubies & Emeralds.



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