Proper format of birth-data and order details submission

If you are ordering us for a report or service direct through email, instead of filling out the regular order form provided at our website, we are providing here-in-below a general sample order-form format for your guidance. Kindly provide the required information in this format to help us execute your order properly. If you need any help or clarifications, contact us.

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      Example birth-data Notes/ Instructions
Name : Michael Garnier

Your name has no bearing while casting a horoscope. Therefore, you can write any of your name (birth-name or currently popular name) 

Date of birth : 7th August 1978

Write date of birth in alpha-numeric format to eliminate possibilities of mis-understanding. For example, if you were born on 7th August 1978, do not write it as 7.8.1978 ( or 8.7.1978 (mm.dd.yyyy).

Write it clearly as "
7th August 1978".

Time of birth : 17:30 hrs (05:30 pm)
* The birth-time should be given as your country's / state's "Standard Time" normally.
* If there was "Day Light Saving Time" (DST) applicable on that date, write your birth-time including DST.
* The birth time should always be written in 24 hrs. clock mode. Though, for clarity purposes, it may also be written as "am" or "pm" mode, in brackets, side by side.
* For example, if your time of birth is 5:30 a.m. write it here as 05:30 hrs., but if your time of birth is 5:30 p.m. write it here as 17:30 hrs.

Place of birth :
Village/Town/City West Hagbourne  
Nearby well-known place London

If your place of birth is a small place, please tell us the name of a nearby well-known place. Otherwise, you may leave this field blank.

State / Province Cheshire  
Country England  
Any special inputs you would like to give concerning your birth-data :        Not mandatory






00:00 hrs.


 01:00 hr.

We have a very large global database of geo-coordinates and time zones with us. Therefore, you need not write geo-coordinates etc. of your birth-place. Still, if you desire so, you may write the information about geo-coordinates and time zone which may, some times, help us in accurate birth-chart calculations.


Your contact details

Report / Service required

Write here the name of the report or service, you require from us. If there are various modules of a report, also mention the module details.

Payment details

Write here about the mode of payment through which you would like to pay (or you have already paid).

Your email id:

Your cell phone number
Country code Cell phone number
+1 9123456789
Your office/Home telephone number
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+1 832 4832459
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