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Lucky time slots for you to buy lottery tickets
(A sample report for Sharon Rebello)


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          Dear Sharon
          The following customized report, based on some time tested mysterious Vedic
          Jyotish principles, propounded by learned ancient seers of India, has been
          prepared for you, using the following birth-data: 

          Date and time of birth: 23rd May 1957  at 21:35 hrs
          Place of birth: Belgrade, Serbia (044N49'59; 020E30'00)

          Current location: Melbourne [Victoria], Australia [037S50'00; 145E00'00]
          Standard Time Zone: 10:00 hrs  [DST: 00:00 hr]

          The report duration is from 11 October 2010 to 25 October 2010 [15 days]. 
          As the intra-day calculations are based on exact Sun-rise and Sun-set
          timings of your present location, you must take care that all timings shown
          in this report are applicable for Melbourne [Victoria], Australia
          [037S50'00; 145E00'00] only. If you move to another location, all timings
          of this report would change, depending upon the geographical difference
          between the two places. 

          For taking best advantage, all your important activities, like - business
          meetings, sales and purchases (physical as well as in Stock, Commodity and
          Forex markets) etc. should take place during the exact time periods, marked
          as 'Excellent' or 'Good' in the following report. If you are interested in
          the games of luck, like playing lotteries, you may use the 'Excellent' and
          'Good' time slots to buy lotto tickets. These timings being your 'Lucky
          timings', chances increase that your selection of ticket will automatically
          be correct. Same way, you may use these time slots for gambling or playing
          in Casino etc. 

The time slots marked as 'Excellent' or 'Good' has only been listed in this report. Rest of the time slots have been omitted to contain the report size. I would suggest that you should not select a lottery number/ticket prior to the below written time frames. Instead, you should select and buy a lottery ticket within the below written time frames only. Thus, it would incorporate the power of intra-day timings of which covers the aspect of intuition & destiny.

          The start and end time of a time-slot has been written in 24 hrs format as
          'Hour:Minute:Seconds'. The total duration of various time slots have also
          been shown in brackets as [HH:MM:SS]. The exact percentage of 'net
          beneficence value' of a time-slot has also been shown before categorizing
          it as 'Excellent', 'Good' or 'Poor' etc. Higher percentage indicate better
          quality of a time slot for you. Use following table to identify best
          intra-day time durations for all of your important activities as far as

          You may find some dates without showing any time slots. This situation may
          arise when there are no time-slots available during the concerned date
          which may be categorized as 'Excellent' and 'Good' time slots.
         ** October 11, 2010 [Mon]
             13:23:29 - 14:14:17 [00:50:48]  90.00% Excel *

          ** October 12, 2010 [Tue]
             06:54:52 - 07:45:50 [00:50:58]  80.00% Good  *
             10:50:35 - 11:41:33 [00:50:58] 100.00% Excel *
             12:13:24 - 12:45:15 [00:31:51]  80.00% Good  *

          ** October 13, 2010 [Wed]
             13:23:28 - 14:14:35 [00:51:07]  90.00% Excel *

          ** October 14, 2010 [Thu]

          ** October 15, 2010 [Fri]
             18:59:55 - 19:22:09 [00:22:14]  80.00% Good  *
             20:45:31 - 21:07:45 [00:22:14] 100.00% Excel *
             22:31:07 - 22:58:54 [00:27:47]  80.00% Good  *

          ** October 16, 2010 [Sat]

          ** October 17, 2010 [Sun]
             06:48:50 - 07:40:36 [00:51:46]  80.00% Good  *
             10:48:14 - 11:40:00 [00:51:46] 100.00% Excel *
             12:12:21 - 12:44:42 [00:32:21]  80.00% Good  *

          ** October 18, 2010 [Mon]
             13:23:33 - 14:15:28 [00:51:55]  90.00% Excel *

          ** October 19, 2010 [Tue]
             06:46:30 - 07:38:35 [00:52:05]  80.00% Good  *
             10:47:22 - 11:39:27 [00:52:05] 100.00% Excel *
             12:12:00 - 12:44:33 [00:32:33]  80.00% Good  *

          ** October 20, 2010 [Wed]
             13:23:39 - 14:15:53 [00:52:14]  90.00% Excel *

          ** October 21, 2010 [Thu]

          ** October 22, 2010 [Fri]
             19:06:10 - 19:27:51 [00:21:41]  80.00% Good  *
             20:49:10 - 21:10:51 [00:21:41] 100.00% Excel *
             22:32:09 - 22:59:15 [00:27:06]  80.00% Good  *

          ** October 23, 2010 [Sat]
             08:07:39 - 08:27:24 [00:19:46]  90.00% Excel *

          ** October 24, 2010 [Sun]
             20:34:08 - 20:50:17 [00:16:09]  80.00% Good  *
             03:17:47 - 03:33:56 [00:16:09] 100.00% Excel *
             03:33:56 - 04:11:36 [00:37:40]  80.00% Good  *

          ** October 25, 2010 [Mon]
             08:05:59 - 08:25:52 [00:19:53]  90.00% Excel *
Now, I am providing you a table here-in-below, which tells you that what "Primary Root Number" suits you best on a particular date. All analysis continues to be based on purely Vedic Jyotish methods. Do not confuse it with numerology or Western astrology. Each single core number, from 1 to 9, is represented by one of the planets. This report calculates the beneficence value of each planet for your chart - on daily basis. For larger numbers, reduce them by adding the digits together until the sum achieved is one of the core numbers. Merely add the components of the larger number together (repeatedly, if necessary) until a single digit results. Though, a number may be found most suitable in your natal chart generally, but it is not necessary that the number is also suitable on a particular date. Same way, a most unsuitable number may be found suitable on certain dates.

The dates has been written in "dd/mm/yyyy" (date/month/year) format. That means, if written "09-10-2010", it means 9th October 2010. Thereafter, the nine columns show results for nine numbers, starting from number 1, then number 2, and so on. The last column shows result for number 9. The results have been categorized in seven categories, as "Excellent", "Good", "Fair", "Average", "Inadequate", "Poor" and "Very Poor". You should buy a lottery ticket with root number which has been indicated "Excellent", "Good" or "Fair" on concerned date.

Buy a lottery ticket which returns the Primary Root Number shown as "Excel" or "Good" on given date.

Please read FAQ section to know more about How to make best use of the Primary Root Numbers.

                                           1              2               3              4              5              6             7              8              9
     11-10-2010  Avera  Good   Inade  Avera  Excel  Avera  Good   Poor   Poor 
     12-10-2010  Avera  Avera  Inade  Avera  Excel  Avera  Avera  Poor   Poor 
     13-10-2010  Avera  Poor   Inade  Avera  Fair   Good   Poor   Poor   Poor 
     14-10-2010  Avera  Inade  Inade  Avera  Fair   Good   Inade  Poor   Poor 
     15-10-2010  Avera  Poor   Inade  Avera  Good   Good   Poor   Poor   Fair 
     16-10-2010  Avera  Poor   Inade  Avera  Good   Good   Poor   Poor   Fair 
     17-10-2010  Avera  Fair   Inade  Avera  Avera  Good   Fair   Poor   Fair 
     18-10-2010  Avera  Avera  Inade  Avera  Avera  Good   Avera  Poor   Fair 
     19-10-2010  Avera  Good   Inade  Avera  Avera  Good   Good   Poor   Fair 
     20-10-2010  Avera  Poor   Inade  Avera  Avera  Good   Poor   Poor   Poor 
     21-10-2010  Poor   Avera  Inade  Poor   Avera  Good   Avera  Poor   Poor 
     22-10-2010  Poor   Inade  Inade  Poor   Inade  Good   Inade  Poor   Poor 
     23-10-2010  Poor   Avera  Inade  Poor   Inade  Inade  Avera  Poor   Poor 
     24-10-2010  Poor   Good   Inade  Poor   Poor   Inade  Good   Poor   Poor 
     25-10-2010  Inade  Avera  Inade  Inade  Poor   Inade  Avera  Poor   Poor

Shyam S Kansal
(Vedic Astrologer)



We don't advocate gambling but we try and help you minimize your losses and maximize your returns on advising you when and where to play the lottery effectively using the right methods and tools and when to exercise restraint.

Unless you are growing money on trees, this money used for games of chance is usually hard earned. You are not going to stop betting on the lottery just because we advise you, so what we hope to do is advise you to play responsibly and smarter rather than leave everything to chance. Basically, learn to play based on calculated risks.


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