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"This is amazing!!!  It clarifies so many issues that have upset me for years."

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Geologist, Australia

This is amazing!!! It clarifies so many issues that have upset me for years ....
Thank you so much for your answers ... my God, if only I could have had these answers at age 16 my life might have been somewhat easier!

I am so grateful to you for this advice ... it will have a profound influence on the next step .. I have not felt very well since I took up the geologist position (weakness, flu, even strange vomiting) and with your explanation it is all so much clearer! I will disengage from this profession as soon as my contract allows.
I am amazed and will be in touch soon I feel to further obtain your guidance in due course - please let me know what range of other consultancy you may offer.
You have also given me great hope to strive for enlightenment and will therefore pursue a Vedic yogic path (asana, pranayama, mantra) as soon as I am able to leave geology and live in the city again - I will purify myself in the hope that the Guru (in whatever form) will guide me to the next spiritual path.
Praise be to your great astrological art! God willing it will help me obtain success and peace, thank you again!
Gratefully and respectfully with great thanks,



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Admiration by satisfied customers


 Testimonials by website visitors