One of the severest terrorist attack on India-26th Nov 2008
Astrological analysis through Sarvatobhadra-chakra

Terrorists attacked several landmark locations in Mumbai, India, on the evening of November 26, 2008. Terrorists attacked the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, the Oberoi-Trident Hotel, the Nariman House, home of the Orthodox Jewish group - "Chabad Lubavitch", a train station, movie theater complex, a hospital and a restaurant. But the maximum damage was done at Taj Mahal Hotel. Large groups of hostages were taken inside the Taj Mahal Hotel. 15 dead bodies were found in a Single Taj Room. A total of 170 people died in the terrorist attacks among whom 32 people died in the attack at Hotel Taj Mahal alone. Nine of the gunmen were also killed. At least 308 people were wounded.

This was one of the worst day in India's history, after independence. Here-in-below is presented an astrological analysis of India's chart, through the Sarvatobhadra chakra technique, on the date of this incident. India's actual name is "BHARAT", therefore, vedha on name has been checked for consonant "BHAA".

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26th November 2008





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Vedhas on birth-data based "Panchaka", including the name's consonant "BHAA"

Vedha-status for "Janmaadi-Karmaadi" Nakshatras

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Vedhas on birth-data based elements, including the name's consonant:
The "Varna" (consonant), Tithi, Chandra-rasi, Vaar and Ascendant - five important elements of India's chart are receiving "Vedhas" from Malefic planets on 26th February 2008. Only "Swara" (Vowel) and Nakshatra have been spared from malefic Vedhas. None of the seven considered elements is receiving vedha from any benefic planet, which could have reduced the intensity of bad effect.
Tithi and Vaar are receiving malefic Vedhas from 4 planets each simultaneously, from different directions. This type of malefic vedhas effect more fatally.
The quantified "Net Effect" of Vedhas is -5.40 . This is quite high negative figure considering the fact that "0" (ZERO) is the "Average" value.

Vedhas on Native's / Entity's "Janmaadi-Karmaadi" Nakshatras:

What is it?

Nine malefic vedhas (of Karma, Vinaash and Sanghaatik nakshatras) and only one benefic vedha (of Aadhan Nakshatra). Net value -8 . A very high negative figure.

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Other notes & observations:
Moon and Mercury, both are acting as malefics on the day under analysis, as per SBC principles. Therefore, their Vedhas has been considered malefic.