Marry'd in haste, we oft repent at leisure.


Index of case-studies of Mangal-dosha
(The Kuja-dosha or Bhauma-Dosha)

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Index of case-studies of Mangal-dosha

We have some horoscopes of known persons, which have severe Mangal dosha in their birth-charts. Incidents in the life of these persons are very well known to us. We have analyzed these case-studies as a research on ill-effects of Mangal dosha.

Three marriages - yet still widow
The lady was married thrice but she still remains a widow. It's a typical case of severe ill-effects of Mangal-dosha.
Husband died after a few years of marriage
The lady was married in at the age of 17 yrs. She was widowed within less than 9 years at the tender age of 26 years only.
First husband died in road accident at very early age. Second husband became physically crippled.
The husband of this lady met a serious road accident and died just after 5 years of marriage. She was re-married with the un-married younger brother of her late husband (i.e. with "Dewar"). But, a few year later, her second husband also became seriously ill. He developed severe muscular and bones related problems and became physically crippled.