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The market forecasts in this section are primarily based on a time-tested "Planetary-aspects" based methodology described by a legendary Indian astrology scholar (author of several excellent books on Jyotish)) in his immortal work on financial astrology. The method helps in preparing a consolidated balance sheet of the stellar influences after taking into cognizance of the numerous astrological factors, operating simultaneously, at any given point of time.

The report helps in forecasting the expected future movement of the concerned market, based on some intricate astrological calculations. Past results from this method, obtained during the last 11 years (since 1997), have been quite satisfactory (of course, up to reasonable extent). The method really helps in projecting the rising and falling trends of a market on daily basis. The method is especially helpful in identifying the crucial "turning-point dates" (reversal dates) of a market, besides showing the possibility of "UPs" and "DOWNs" in daily movement.

The method involves a series of complex calculations, for each date, checking bullish or bearish nature of exact degrees of various planetary aspects, the inherent nature of planets involved in those aspects, the nature of planet's posited signs, the "Navmansh-Yuti" of concerned planets, the "Kranti-Samya" of aspecting-planets, the "Shar-Parivartan" of the concerned planets, and several other such factors. The algebraic sum of thus obtained positive and negative values of relevant astral signatures, for any given day, becomes the day's "Net astrological value" (or, "AstroValue") for concerned market.

Forecasts available for

Gold, Silver, Copper
Zinc, Iron, Aluminium
Crude petroleum
Coffee, Tea, Rubber
Gur (Jaggery)
Cotton, Rice, Sugar
Ground-nut, Mustard
Menthol, Silk, Jute
Wheat, Chana
Jeera, Red-chillies
Other oil-seeds
  (Individual sectors)
.. and many more

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