’No Profit No Fees’ Scheme

Because we deserve Fees, only if you make profit

This scheme is available on select plans only - wherever indicated so.

This is a very unique scheme which we are offering to subscribers to some of our premium services only, with a very clear objective that "We deserve Fees, only if you make Profit". This will make us work hard and harder in analyzing and advising you to take right trading steps at right time so that you make maximum profit.

To participate in this scheme, you should have minimum RISK CAPITAL of Rs. 10,00,000/- (Rs Ten Lacs).

While the actual results may vary to some extent due time of delivery of SMS/email, volatility in market, time of placing and execution of order, trading volume etc but overall intention is that you should make reasonable profit of 5% to 15% every month on your Risk Capital after allowing 0.02% towards brokerage, commissions, turnover & other taxes.

We will keep a “Hypothetical Trading Account” based on all our forecasts and advises to you. In case there is Gross Loss in this "Account" at the close of subscription period, we will not charge the Fees for that particular period. But please note that there will be
NO CASH REFUND of the fees but it will be adjusted in next period’s fee or subscription period shall be extended by same duration.

How "No Profit No Fees" Scheme Works:

We presume that you have a RISK CAPITAL of Rs. 10,00,000/- (Rs Ten Lacs) against which positions up to 3 times i.e. Rs. 30,00,000/- can be created with your registered broker.

We will provide you possible timings of intraday "Tops" and "Bottoms" of the concerned market, very carefully analyzed through intricate astrological methods. This information would be sent through email and/or SMS daily, a day before or during trading hours, or, as the situation demands.

We will also advise you possible "Turning" or "Reversal dates" of  the concerned market, based on astrological indicators. This information would be sent through email and/or SMS at a frequency which the situation may demand.
We shall identify your "Lucky moments" for each date, based on mysterious "Panch-pakshi shastra" which has been considered a golden key in the hands of man. Traders have been using it with advantage since long. You will be supposed to trade mostly during your auspicious timings. (Read user's feedbacks)

We will identify astrologically suitable industry sectors, stocks or commodities (as the case may be), for you. You will be advised accordingly.

Our each message (call) will have clear Entry and Exit timings/dates based on certain astro-indicators. You are supposed to act accordingly.

Our each advise (call) will be closely monitored till profit objectives are achieved. We may modify our advise during Market Hours depending upon the Market Conditions.

It is up to you to trade or not trade on our advise. You may decide your own quantity. But we will maintain a hypothetical account for all the Trading Calls given to you within the risk-capital mentioned above.

We will keep record of all the Advisory Trading Calls sent to you by SMS or email and at the end of the day, we shall provide you summary of the trading calls with Time at which SMS or email was sent/ Call Details/ Action suggested and Final result (Profit/ Loss Booked or call is still in Hand). Please note that there can be some discrepancy in actual trading due to delay in SMS/email/ Volatility in Market which is acceptable within tolerance.

On every weekend, we will provide you details of the "Hypothetical Trading Account" in a Table Form in which Trading Calls of each day with Time, Qty Recommended, Entry Price, Booking Price, Profit/Loss/Call in Hand will be provided.

At the end of your subscribed period, we will give you summary of all the calls during the concerned period with approx Profit/Loss after allowing 0.02% Brokerage & all other taxes.

In case of Loss during the FULL subscribed period, the subscribers will get subscription FREE for same duration as previous period.

There will be No Cash Refund of Fees in case of loss. The total liability in case of loss is limited to FREE SUBSCRIPTION of same duration again which shall be extended without any charges.
Other Terms & Conditions for eligibility:
Subscriber should inform us in writing from his/her registered email ID in case of our forecasts and suggestions going wrong. He/she should also provide us sufficient authentic evidences to show that our forecasts and suggestions went wrong. For example, daily intraday graph created through Yahoo finance may be sent to us in case of our intraday forecasts going wrong beyond reasonable limits.

The loss should be incurred only due to our bad advise, and not due to any other reason like delay in SMS, system failure, hardware or software problems, inability to place order or any other reason.
In case of loss, our liability is limited to providing "Free Subscription" only for same duration and same plan/product as was originally subscribed for through payments.
Before subscribing for any of our services or products, please read "Disclaimer" carefully.
Subscribers are requested to read all the conditions carefully and make themselves clear before subscribing. Disputes, if any, are subject to competent courts / forums of Bulandshahr, India only.





July 07, 2019