Stocks-intraday : 7-Days paid trial

Astrology of intra-day stock-market behaviour

We provide PAID TRIAL for 7 calendar days (5 trading sessions) to first time subscribers of following plans.
(Currently available for BSE-Sensex / NIFTY only)

Plan-A:  7-days paid-trial will include:  (Page under construction)
Astrological possibility of Sensex/NIFTY closing "Higher" or "Lower" in comparison to the opening values for each trading day.
Astrological indications for intraday tops and bottoms, time-wise, for each trading day, of the concerned index. (The permissible error margin in timings will be 5 to 10 minutes),
General trend of the market, whether "Bullish" or "Bearish", during various time slots during trading hours.

All information would be sent through email and/or SMS, normally on previous night, or at the most, before 09:00 am on concerned date.

Price: Rs. ........./-  (for one week)

Plan-B:  7-days paid-trial will include:

All informations as provided in Plan-A above.

Additionally, this plan would also include:

Identification of your "Lucky moments" for each date, based on mysterious "Panch-pakshi shastra" which has been considered a golden key in the hands of man. Traders have been using it with advantage since long. (Read user's feedbacks)
Horoscope based industry sector suitability during the trial period.

Horoscope based particular stocks suitability during the trial period.

Astrological guidance about in which sector you should "speculate" (intraday trading) and in which sectors you should "invest" (short-term/mid-term investments).

Speculative report for one-week based on Vjyotish-exl.

Most traders buy or sell stocks which are not compatible with their horoscopes and lose heavily without knowing the reasons. We will check stock compatibility and sector suitability and advise the BEST stocks and/or industry sectors for trading as per astral signatures found in your birth-chart.

Note: Please provide name, date, time and place of birth; and, current location; of the person responsible for trading decisions along with the payment.

Price: Rs. ......../-  (for one week)


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June 05, 2008