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N.I.N.K.C.'s Championship Dog show - Every thing was suitable




The "Black Jasper", a Labrador retriever, won several prizes and honours in various dog shows. The totally amateur 20 yrs. old owner was proud of this dog as a pet because it brought him immense recognition and fame in canine owner's circles.

Why it was so?  By Chance only?

Vedic numerology provides the answer after 30 years !!

The most lucky numbers
for dog owner were 6, 5 and 4.


Root numbers for show's venue, exhibit no., class no., Judge's name were 4 and 5.


The Black Jasper participated in the 17th Championship Dog show, organized by The Northern India National Kennel Club in July 1977. The venue was Chanakya Theatre's Ground, New Delhi (popularly known as "Chanakya Grounds " in the locality). The judge of this show was Mrs. Ratna Kapur. The Black Jasper was allotted "85" as the exhibit number and it competed in four classes, i.e. 121, 122, V-11 and V-14. He won first prizes in classes 121, V-11 and V-14. In class 122, he remained second. Look below at the table. The dog no.,  name of the judge, venue name  and two class numbers are returning primary root numbers which are "Excellent" to the owner.


Northern India National Kennel Club's 17th Championship Dog show 
[First Prize]
[Held at "Chanakya Theatre Grounds", New Delhi)


See "Dog no.", "Entry in class" and "Name of the judge"


Dog no. (Exhibit no.) 85 = 13 = 4

  Class: 121 -->[4]
Class: 122 -->[5]
  Judged by:
21451 21862 = 32 = 5
35151211 3276543 = 49 = 4

Name Root numbers

4 (Four)
5 (Five)

Astrological beneficence category of all root numbers:


But the story does not ends here....

One of the many "First Prize" certificates got in the Northern India National Kennel Club's show


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