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Index of events in the life of Black Jasper


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Index of events in Jasper's life

Jasper story

Black Jasper's name, breed, registration number, registration date, breeder's name, birth-city's name, names of the judges in various dog shows, venue of the dog shows, the dog number and category number assigned to Black Jasper in dog shows, etc. , all were returning Chaldean primary root numbers either 4 or 5 or 6 (the best numbers determined from dog owner's horoscope). There was no exception. It was really unbelievable. Here in below are provided the links to various pages concerning various events in the life of Black Jasper, with documentary proofs.

List of events in the life of Black Jasper
(with documentary proofs)

Dog's name returned Chaldean primary root no. 4

Primary root nos. for Dog's breed & class were  4, 6 & 5

Name of the breeder, kennel and city had root nos. 6 & 5.

Dog's FKCI registration no. and registration date returned primary root numbers 4 & 5.

Kennel Club of India's ownership transfer no. gives root no. 4.

Membership number of Gundog League of India was 6. Receipt no. was 5.

Won several First Prizes in various categories at "The 11th Delhi Championship Dog show". Root numbers for show's venue, exhibit no., class no., Judge's name were 5 and 6.

Won several prizes at "Northern India National Kennel Club's 17th Championship Dog show". Root numbers for show's venue, exhibit no., class no., Judge's name were 4 and 5.

Title - "Best Dog of the Show" awarded at the dog-show held in "Aligarh Numaish". Primary root nos. for dog show's venue were 5 and 4.

"Best of Breed" award in the dog show held at "Nauchandi" (Meerut). Primary root nos. for show's venue were 4 & 6.

Moments of glory at Bulandshahr dog show.
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Suitability of numbers for dog-owner according to his own birth-chart

Root no.


The astrological beneficence of various Chaldean primary root numbers, shown in the adjacent table, has been determined on the basis of planetary configurations present in dog owner's horoscope. However, for ready reference, this table is again reproduced here.



















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Author's  explorations and delight as a professional Vedic Numerologist have confirmed the efficacy of Vedic numerology so many times and with so many people. You can play with numbers in every aspect of your life as a simple, clear and concise system to enjoy, and enhance human dynamics. It is a wondrous tool indeed. The "Best" and "Worst" primary root numbers are practically applicable in every area of your life - such as, your own name, business-name, product/brand name, house-name, pet's name etc. The 10 digits of your mobile phone number, when summed-up together, should also return your best primary root number. Absolutely everything is based on etheric vibration, the higher the frequency, the more force it contains. Therefore, apply your best number in every walk-of-life as much as you can.