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Breeder's name and city was suitable




The "Black Jasper", a Labrador retriever, won several prizes and honours in various dog shows. The totally amateur 20 yrs. old owner was proud of this dog as a pet because it brought him immense recognition and fame in canine owner's circles.

Why it was so?  By Chance only?

Vedic numerology provides the answer after 30 years !!

The most lucky numbers
for dog owner were 6, 5 and 4.


Name of the breeder, kennel and city had root nos. 6 &5


The Black Jasper was bred by Col. R.N. Sen & Mrs. R.N. Sen in their Westwarglen Kennel located at Dehradun (India).  The main person was Col. R.N. Sen, who looked after all the kennel related matters. Look at the following table. The breeder's name(s), kennel name and their city's name - all of them are returning primary root numbers which are "Excellent" to the owner.


The breeder / seller / Kennel of the dog:


Col. R. N. Sen / Westwarglen Kennel/ Dehradun


3730 2050355  = 33 = 6

37300 4230 2050 355 = 42 = 6
Kennel name:
65346123355 255553 = 68 = 5

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  The breeder/kennel was located at:
45521465  = 32 = 5

Name Root numbers

6 (Six)
5 (Five)

Astrological beneficence category of all root numbers:


But the story does not ends here....

Receipt and pedigree signed by the breeder (Col. R. N. Sen)


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