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Order form: Consultation about
"Best suitable dates and Intra-day time-slots for conceiving a child"

The time of conception is very important and should be carefully planned. Each moment has got its own potency. The moment at which we elect to do an important act is not certainly an insignificant epoch.

During the process of trying to conceive, you must avoid all such things which are related to the planet which is "ill-inclined" towards your 5th house (the house signifying children ). Charity is *always* a good thing. If you engage in enough charitable giving related to the ill-inclined planet, you can probably offset almost any bad Karma seen in your chart. The Vedic tradition also delineates classes of people and classes of animals who are the ideal recipient of your charity. This maximizes the effects of your charitable giving.

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Comprehensive consultation:
The best dates to try for conception (
within next 1 year); things to avoid; things to adopt.

INR  2,400 48

Additional data: The best dates to try for conception
or one more year..

  INR  1,800 36

Best Dates for Conceiving a Male child:
The best dates (
within next 1 year) to try for conceiving a male child.

INR  2,410 48

Intra-day Best Time-slots report for trying conception - for 6 months duration

  INR  3,875 77

Intra-day Best Time-slots report for trying conception - for 1 year duration

INR  5,900 118

Intra-day Best Time-slots report for trying conception - for 2 year duration

  INR 10,325 206

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