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 A note at the end for prospective couple

Compatibility reports

'Prasna Marga' states - 'If the couple loves each other, they can enter into wedlock, even if there is no agreement in other ways. This is very important in the matter of marriage. One who loves a girl sincerely, from his heart should marry her. Pure love is greater than any other virtue.

This is to say that you should marry whom you want, but that does not mean that your compatibility should be ignored. It does not mean that love will remove the blemishes of poor compatibility in some of the areas. It only means that if you think it is worth having the relationship, even in the face of greater than average difficulties, you should. Poor compatibility indicates that the price of the relationship will be higher. It will take more time, energy, work, patience, and there will be more distress and ups and downs if your compatibility is poor. If you find it worth paying that price, then you should go ahead with the relationship. Look at the compatibility in order to really see what the relationship is, to really see if you want the relationship, and to see if you can realistically do what is necessary. The average person finds a relationship that fails Nadi, Bhrikuta, Gana, Yoni or Ashtakvarga compatibility between the Moons eventually becomes more than they can realistically handle, so if any of these are missing, take a very good look at your relationship.

This is also to say that even if the compatibility is good, if one or both of you cannot love and relate healthily then you will not be able to take advantage of a good compatibility. If the compatibility is good and you are still having problems you will have to take a good hard look at yourselves. The good news is, that if the compatibility is good, any work you do on yourself will support and benefit the relationship. The relationship will also be a better arena for you to learn what you need in as healthy a manner as possible. If on the other hand, the compatibility is not good, then even if you work on yourself the relationship will not benefit much, or even at all, and you will find yourself in situations with your partner that really bring out the worst.

The important point about this method of compatibility is that, it indicates whether the relationship will flow in such a manner as to create mutual respect. Out of respect grows love; out of disrespect grow hurt feelings and frustration. When it comes to arranged marriages, this compatibility is, therefore, obviously important. When it comes to modern society that marries out of love, it is equally important, because after years of mutual disrespect many, many couples that once loved each other divorce. Mutual respect is the key to all human relationships, because from that grows real love.