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Report introduction & objective:

Muhurta is essentially a measure of time which refers to the application of Vedic astrology wisdom in determining the auspicious time for starting an event. The following report tries to identify the "Best Possible Date" and "Time" within a given duration (of about 90 days) for wearing the suggested astral gem.

The report con
siders the following astrological factors to measure day-wise auspiciousness levels for wearing concerned gem stone:

1. The Nakshatra (Constellation)
2. The Vaar (Day of Week)
3. The Shukla or Krishna Paksha (Bright Half or Dark Half of the Moon)
4. Chaughadia Muhurta

To obtain the full benefic effects of the astral gem, it's ring should be made and worn while Moon is waxing ('Shukla-paksha') on the specified "Vaar" (Day of Week) & time (auspicious Chaughadia). Wearing it in one of the three Nakshatras of concerned planet will enhance the benefic effects of the gem.

You should select a good Chaughadiya for precise time of gem wearing on selected day. The Amrit, Shubh and Laabh are Good (favourable) Chaughadiyas. Choose any one of them. However, avoid  'Rahu-kaal' even if it is otherwise a good Chaughadia.

Price of report:

INR  1,400

USD $ 30


 Suggested Gem :

Yellow Sapphire (Pukharaj)

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Representing planet :


The Nakshatras :

Punarvasu, Vishakha or Poorva-bhadrapada

Vaar (Day of week) :


Gem wearing time:

Sun's 'Uday kaala', i.e. between Sun-rise and 2-3 hrs

Gem Wearing location: 

Bangalore (Karnataka), India [012N59'00;  077E35'00]
Time zone:  05:30 hrs ahead of GM

Applicable Day Light Saving Time:  0.00 hr

The occurrence of concerned Nakshatras has been scanned during the following duration:
From:  26 March 2019 To:  25 June 2019 [92 Days]

Important note:
All shown timings in following Nakshatra scanning table are "Indian Standard Time", i.e., 5:30 hrs ahead of GMT. For all other countries, time should be adjusted accordingly.
 Poorva-Bhadr [Jupi] 03-04-2019 Wed 00:56 - 04-04-2019 Thu 03:23 [Krishn]
 Punarvasu    [Jupi] 12-04-2019 Fri 09:56 - 13-04-2019 Sat 08:59 [Shukla]
 Poorva-Bhadr [Jupi] 30-04-2019 Tue 08:17 - 01-05-2019 Wed 10:53 [Krishn]
 Punarvasu    [Jupi] 09-05-2019 Thu 15:17 - 10-05-2019 Fri 14:23 [Shukla]
 Vishakha     [Jupi] 18-05-2019 Sat 02:57 - 19-05-2019 Sun 02:22 [Shukla]
 Poorva-Bhadr [Jupi] 27-05-2019 Mon 16:12 - 28-05-2019 Tue 19:02 [Krishn]
 Punarvasu    [Jupi] 05-06-2019 Wed 21:58 - 06-06-2019 Thu 20:27 [Shukla]
 Vishakha     [Jupi] 14-06-2019 Fri 10:13 - 15-06-2019 Sat 09:57 [Shukla]
 Poorva-Bhadr [Jupi] 24-06-2019 Mon 00:11 - 25-06-2019 Tue 03:01 [Krishn]
There are following three conditions, if fulfilled simultaneously on any date, that would be considered the best Muhurta to wear suggested gemstone. But it is not necessary that you will be able to find such dates easily in coming few months when all these three conditions are being met simultaneously. Therefore, normally, when any of these two conditions are met, it is considered moderately good Muhurta and you may wear concerned gem.
1. It should be one of the three required Nakshatras on that date.
2. It should be the required "Vaar" (Week day) .
3. It should be "Shukla Paksha" (Bright half of the Moon)


In the above Nakshatra-table, the various dates has been colour coded as follows:
1. All three requirements (Nakshatra, Weekday & Shukla-paksha) are met. Excellent Muhurta
2. Two requirements (Nakshatra & Shukla-paksha) are met (BUT different weekday) Moderate Muhurta
3. Two requirements (Nakshatra & Week-day) are met (BUT Krishna-paksha) Moderate Muhurta
4. One requirement (Only Nakshatra) is met. (BUT Krishna Paksha & different Weekday) Inferior Muhurta

During the scanned time duration following Five dates were found qualifying as "Excellent"  or "Moderately Good" Muhurtas for wearing your suggested gem stone:
* 9th May 2019 (Thursday) Excellent
* 12th April 2019 (Friday), Moderately Good
* 18th May 2019 (Saturday), Moderately Good
* 5th June 2019 (Wednesday) Moderately Good
* 14th June 2019 (Monday) Moderately Good


You may wear your gem stone on any of the above mentioned dates, which have been found qualifying as "Excellent" or "Moderately Good" Muhurtas. BUT Gem wearing time should be within the duration of concerned Nakshatra. The Nakshatra's Start and End timings have been clearly mentioned in the table against each date.

To further refine the quality of Gem wearing Muhurta, you should choose an intra-day time, on one of the above mentioned dates, when an auspicious "Chaughadia Muhurta" is also present. However, the chosen Chaughadia should be within the duration of concerned Nakshatra. Even an auspicious Chaughadia Muhurta should be rejected if it falls outside the Nakshatra duration.

The "Shubh", "Laabh" and "Amrita" Chaughadias are normally considered auspicious. However, if "Rahu-kaal" is over-lapping the above mentioned auspicious Chaughadias, then, in that case, that particular Chaughadia should be considered inauspicious and should be avoided. In the following tables, Rahu-kaal has been denoted by "

Chaughadia timings for "Best" and "Moderate" Auspicious Dates for Suggested Gem
for your above mentioned current location

Notes about Chaughadia timings:
1. Avoid "Rahu-kaal" timings, shown with the "#" mark, even if, otherwise, it is a good Chaughadiya. In such a case, this report has also marked the concerned timings as "[Bad]", even if it is "Amrita" or "Shubha" Chaughadiya.
2. In some regions of the globe, watches are moved ahead by one hour during summer months. It is called 'Day-Light Saving Time' (DST). If DST is applicable at your current location during the considered duration, we will prepare the following Chaughadia tables accodingly. You need not to adjust DST. All timings in the table below would be usual "Zonal Standard Time" of the concerned country/state, shown by adjusted watches at that place.

Know more about Chaughadia Muhurtas:

Note:  The above shown multi-coloured Chaughadia tables are for demonstration purposes only for this sample report. In actual customer reports, these tables will be present in "Black & White" mode only, but will contain same information.
I do hope, above analysis helps you in wearing your lucky gem stone at an auspicious time. The gem stone worn in appropriate Shubh Muhurta will energize you physically, mentally, and spiritually. You will feel inner peace and happiness after wearing the recommended gem stone.

Get ready to harness the power of the planets to get your luck working for you.
May Jupiter's Grace shine on you.
Shyam S Kansal
(Vedic Astrologer)

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