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Explanations of various Vjyotish indexes

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Your day's overview in a nut shell


The “Day’s overview in a nut-shell” option from the "Vjyotish indexes" menu brings you in another sub-menu which lets you view multiple Vjyotish indexes in a comparative mode. Your day's astral values are shown, as multiple graphs, in a very comprehensive manner. It's like a bird's eye-view of your astrological profile in relevance to the stock market. There are some groups of indexes and each of these groups consists of several astrological indexes within them. This option also enables you to compare various indexes in respect to each other.


Each of these indexes calculates astrological net values for a very specific matter, taking cognizance of signifying houses, their lords, signs and planets in your horoscope, on daily basis. You can choose a 'Index-group' of your interest from the following options:

Your Day's Composite Astral Profile
This option let's you see your day's composite astral profile, relevant to the stock markets. Here, you can assess your 'Astro NetEffect' of the day, 'Fortune in general', your sense of judgement, the steadiness of your mental faculties, how beneficially you will be able to bargain a deal, and like that. You'll also find how the financial gains, sudden fortunes and windfall gains are indicated in your horoscope, during the day. You'll judge yourself if the day is suitable for 'Buying','Selling' or 'Speculation' (Forward trading)? Some dates may be found suitable for all of them.
Suitability of DIRECTIONS !
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Suitability of NAME OF STOCK
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Suitability of SIZE & HEALTH
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* What are Vjyotish indexes
* Background and technical explanation 
* The actual look and feel of the Vjyotish indexes
* How to interpret the VJyotish indexes 

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