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About Vjyotish-exl



 "Vjyotish-exl" screen image:

The welcome screen of "Vjyotish-exl"


When you run "vjyotish.exe" (located in your C:\Vjyotish folder) - The welcome screen of the program appears as follows:


Type your allotted program access code (pcode) in the above input-box


Here, you have to type your 5-character long program access code (pcode) in the above input-box. This code is supplied by us on receipt of your order for converting Vjyotish-exl into a customized application for your own birth-data. If you do not have your personal pcode, you may still go ahead to explore complete program features by typing "XXXXX" or "D011B" in the input-box. The program will use a sample person's horoscope in that case. However, the free "Astro-utilities" section will still remain accessible to you.

Note: Vjyotish can be installed through the installation application "vjinstal.exe". You may download the installation application from our website.