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A feedback from Delhi based businessman, a long time Vjyotish user.  He feels that program results are like "Astrological barometer" for him in his day-to-day life.


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Vjyotish- The astrological barometer


Wed, 10 Sep 2003 14:49:36 +0530

Dear Shyaam

It is now two years when I started using Vjyotish. This is the third year in a row when I am placing my order for Vjyotish. I have seen this program growing stage-by-stage. Though basic concept of the program remains the same but its looks and user-friendliness has undergone tremendous changes since its early years.

To be honest, initially, I was hesitant to go by its indications. I usually ignored them. But now, after two years, I must admit that I am really surprised by the accuracy of its predictions. Though Vjyotish provides astrological indexes of almost everything, one can think of, but I could never use most of those indexes due to paucity of time. One really needs patience and time to fully utilize the Vjyotish potential. You have provided too vast a horizon to explore.

My most favorite indexes in your program are those related to Wealth, Money and Business. Your predictions in the form of Green/Red index bars have never failed in profiling my wealth prospects. When it shows green bars, I do get money & business but when it shows red bars, my all efforts go fruitless. I have observed it several times. Now I have started believing it so much that I know in advance when I am going to get business and when is the time to sit down idle.

Another area, in which I occasionally looked, was my passion profile (love, romance etc.). I have many female friends. I have felt that their mood and attitude towards me changes as per positive (green) and negative (red) index values in my Vjyotish. My relationship with people varies according to its predictions. This is amazing.

One specific instance of Vjyotish prediction has made me its blind follower. From mid- January 2002 up to the end of August 2002, my prosperity index was highly positive, barring few days in between. As you might know, Iím in the business of copier machines and cell-phones. My business was just roaring. New business contracts and opportunities were coming my way each day. During September 2002, your program started showing declining trend in the positive values. In fact, during October and November, it showed highly negative values (red bars). During this period, I entered into a big contract with Hutch, the biggest mobile services company in Delhi. I anticipated a windfall with this contract. For the first time, I started suspecting effectiveness of your programís predictions. It was showing totally reverse trend. I had entered into a big deal (in September 2002), which was supposed to bring in huge money for me while my Vjyotish index for prosperity was returning highly negative values. It seemed to be absurd (at that point of time). But Ö I was wrong. I had to lose a fortune during the next three months. I was forced to close down my DaryaGanj show-room. I had to lay-off my whole work force and now I am operating with bare minimum staff at Mayur Vihaar. Vjyotish proved itself again.

I have ignored so many other indexes in your program till now but I realize that I must have made use of them too. I am highly impressed with the capabilities of your software. Keep it up.

Satish Gupta
D-54, IFS Apartments
Mayur Vihar, Phase-I, Delhi-110091


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