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On-line Vedic Ascendant calculator

You may know your Vedic ascendant (the rising sign), on-line,  through this page. Vedic ascendant is also called Sidereal ascendant (Hindu rising sign or Niryana Lagna). Your Vedic ascendant will be calculated using Chitrapakshiya (Lahiri) ayanamsa.

Please note that Vedic ascendant may be a sign less than the Western or Tropical ascendant. For example, your tropical ascendant may be Cancer while sidereal (Vedic) ascendant may be Gemini. Please do not get confused. 

Same way, your Vedic ascendant is altogether a different calculation from the calculation of your Sun sign and Moon Sign (Rasi). Though, sometimes, all these three signs (or any of these two signs) may be same -- but these three calculations has no mutual relation and are independent from each other.
For online ascendant calculations, use the form provided below:

You may also download "Vjyotish-exl".

Besides knowing your Vedic (Sidereal) ascendant, you may also know the tropical (Western) ascendant; the Vedic Moon-sign (Chandra-rashi); Janma-adyaakshar/ Janmaakshar (birth-syllable), Western Sun-sign etc.. etc., through it's "Free astro-utilities" section.

Program comes with huge in-built geographical coordinates database, consisting of almost all major cities and towns. At least, capital city of every country on this globe is included in the atlas database.

The software also includes several other Vedic astrology (Jyotish) utilities for finding auspicious and inauspicious intra-day timings.

What is ascendant or 'Rising sign' ('Lagna')?

The Ascendant is the sign rising in the east at a given time (i.e. your birth time) at the given place (i.e. your birth-place). The revolution of the earth around its own axis causes the rise of all the 12 signs in the east at different points of time during the period of 24 hours in a clock-wise motion. The signs rise in seriatim, i.e., Aries first, then Taurus, followed by Gemini and so forth.

To calculate your Vedic ascendant sign, please fill the following particulars carefully:

Date of birth:          Month:      Date:      Year:

Time of birth: 
(Write it in 24 hrs. format)  

The time-zone

DST applicable 

(Check this box only if Day Light Saving Time (DST) , of one hour, was being applied in your country/zone, when you was born)


hrs.  minutes
Write time difference from GMT

Time Zone shows how many hours your country's (or, zone's) Standard Time is ahead or behind from the Green Witch Mean Time [GMT] - without applying DST, if any.




The default value is "West", Do not check this box if it is West. To be checked for East longitudes only.


The default value is "North". Do not check this box if it is North. To be checked for South latitudes only.

If you do not know geo-graphical coordinates (longitude and latitude) for your birth-place or Time zone for your place of birth, you may write us your birth details (your name, date of birth, time of birth, city of birth, Country). We may help you in ascertaining your exact ascendant..
The subject line of your mail should be:
"Ascendant required".

Your Vedic Ascendent is:    

 (Read interpretations of your ascendant)






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