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"Currently I own two wonderful jyotish softwares but they do not offer the predictive power that you are developing with Stock Compass and Vjyotish - I believe you are the one computer jyotish pioneer in this matter and I look forward to a long relationship with you. "

Swami Sadashiva Tirtha

New York, USA
Author of "Ayurveda Encyclopedia"

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What various Vjyotish indexes reflect?

The indexes of your personality traits

In Vedic astrology, Sun is the most important factor for determining the potential of an individual. A well-placed Sun gives intelligence, perception, strength of will and character. It affords endurance, stamina, vitality, positive spirit, direction, courage, conviction, confidence, leadership, independence and straightforwardness. Without it, whatever we may do or accomplish in life will not be ours and will not give us inner strength or peace. An ill placed Sun gives lack of intelligence, poor perception, weakness of will and character. It creates lack of endurance, low vitality, melancholy, fear, dependency or servitude and deviousness or dishonesty. An overly strong but malefic Sun creates pride, arrogance, tyranny and control.

A weak but spiritually disposed Sun makes us receptive, wanting to do good, and self-effacing. Yet we may lack in confidence and come under the rule of other people. We will seek to sacrifice ourselves but may not know what cause to give ourselves over to.

The following specific indexes are available in Vjyotish under this head:

01. Index of the ego strength
02. Index of the will-power
03. Index of the ambitiousness
04. Index of the sense of humor
05. Index of the superiority and inferiority complexes

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