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Shyam is an internationally acclaimed Vedic astrologer today. He does natal chart analysis, career guidance, natal astrology with guide posts for the year ahead, compatibility analysis of prospective or existing partners for business or love, selection of phonetically correct name for self or business etc.

Shyam has developed his own style and expertise with a modern concept in astrological predictions; through study of thousands of horoscopes during the past 24 years (since 1987).
Shyam's specialty lies in the timing of events and birth-chart analysis concerning career, occupation, marriage and relationship related subtle issues. He has also developed some special "quantification techniques" for reaching to the ultimate net-result for the given birth-chart. 
He gives much importance to Ashtakvarga. He feels that Ashtakvarga should be studied in detail invariably before arriving at any astrological conclusion. An expert in the Vedic astrology , Shyam employs his vast real life experience with the tenets of Parashari to give some amazingly accurate results. He has established a sort of brand loyalty for his accuracy of astrological predictions made possible by his proprietary technology - "The Vjyotish Index" and "The Natal Authority Index".

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"Your approach and clarity of thought is refreshing and inspiring. Your predictive technique serves to draw away the veil of ambiguity, which is so prevalent with most other practitioners of this science."   ....

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Payment modes & options

There are several ways - through which you may avail his astro-counseling services. Please go through the links provided on left-hand side column of this page, patiently and carefully, and make your choice as per your requirement.

However, for your convenience, a quick guide to some of the popular methods of counseling are given here-in-below:

Specific Query Related Jyotish Services

If you have some specific queries, then this is the best method of consulting Shyam. In-depth astrological analysis is done for each of your "specific questions" and answer is sent through email. Fees are on "Per Question" basis. Sliding discounts are applicable depending upon the number of questions.

Telephonic consultation

If you require to talk to Shyam in person, on telephone, you can book a reading by time, in 15 minute increments.      (How to fix an appointment?)

Special Packages for Chart Reading

We have designed some special packages for most sought after readings - like - Natal Reading, Yearly Chart Reading, Relationship Chart, Question Charts, Prescriptive Reading, Feasibility of new Business venture, Stock-market suitability reading, Muhurta (selection of a good time to begin important events) etc.

41-Day Counseling Session

Share your difficulties and crisis with Shyam. The service, specially designed for fulfilling the need for prolonged life long relationships with clients and exchange of their heart felt thoughts, through Personalized Counseling Sessions.

Consultations in Person

If you are entrapped into such dilemmatic situations that you desperately need someone who may guide you to the correct path and if you feel more comfortable in a face-to-face personal meeting with the astrologer, then you should opt for this mode of consultation. Services may be provided in Shyam's office as-well-as at your own place.

Comment posted by a client at Shyam's virtual office"liveperson.com"

"Very interesting, clear, and helpfull explanation of Vedic Astrolgy.Thanks again Shyam!"
 - Kalea

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