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To fix an appointment for telephonic consultation with Shyam, first of all,  you need to fill the following order-form and make the requisite payment:


This way, your birth-data would be received by us along with the payment. Once the payment is made, you should write us to fix an appointment with Shyam for telephonic consultation at mutually convenient time and date. Normally, you should expect an appointment within next 1 to 3 days (but may be delayed in exceptional circumstances).
Prior to fixing an appointment for consultation, you are supposed to take following steps:
Write us your main concerns, which you wish to consult with Shyam. It will help him in doing some analytical work prior to actual appointment with you and, thus, less telephonic time would be consumed. He would be able to deliver you more in less time.
Write us some dates and timings, which are convenient to you. We will cross-check Shyam's convenience according to those dates and timings (sent by you) and would fix the appointment among one of those dates and timings, if possible. That way, it would be mutually convenient. Normally, you should expect an appointment within next 1 to 3 days (but may be delayed in exceptional circumstances). For example, a typical communication from you may look like as follows:

The following dates and time are suitable for me:

1. Sunday (8 August 2010) - 10:00 hrs or 15:00 hrs EST
2. Monday (9 August 2010) - 12:00 hrs or 19:00 hrs EST
3. Tuesday (10 August 2010) - 09:30 hrs or 18:30 hrs EST
Write all timings in 24 hrs clock mode. For example, if you wish to get an appointment for 10:00 a.m. write it here as 10:00 hrs., but if you wish to have an appointment at 7:00 pm, write it here as 19:00 hrs.
-- Always write your telephone number, with country code and area code, or your "Skype"/ "Nimbuzz" id,  to help us in contacting you for any clarification - just in case it is required.
Once appointment is fixed, you will be needed to call Shyam on his telephone for consultation at appointed time.  You may also call him through "Skype" or "Nimbuzz". Check Shyam's user id for "Skype" or "Nimbuzz" on Contact page.


If  you face any difficulty in paying through the regular order page of the website due to any technical reasons, you may also pay through PayPal (in US dollars), the payment gateway of international repute, based in USA. Let us know and we will send another invoice through PayPal.

Alternatively, you may also deposit cash in Shyam's account with 
Standard Chartered Bank or Punjab National Bank in India and convey the deposit details to us through email.