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-In Bulandshahr Rs. 5000-  (US $ 100) for the first hour. Thereafter, Rs. 1,250 per 15 minutes (US $ 25).

Please note that you are expected to end your conversation within one hour. If time exceeds, you will be needed to pay fee in 15 minute's increments.
-In Your City - Taxi-fare from Bulandshahr to IGI Airport, Delhi (To & Fro), Air Fare (To & Fro), Stay in a decent hotel and Consultation Fees.


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Normally, I (Shyam) prefer to provide my counseling services through email. It is more convenient for me because I may answer your astrological queries at my own convenient time and pace. Further, my global clientage necessitates that my main services should be provided through internet/ email only.

However, I receive many calls and mails (mostly from India), expressing desire to meet me in person for astrological consultation. Such people feel more comfortable in a face-to-face meeting with the astrologer. They are entrapped into such dilemmatic situations that they desperately need someone who may guide them to the correct path. They are willing to travel long distances to meet me. (I am based in Bulandshahr (U.P.), India. It is 75 Kms South-East to New Delhi).

As a response to above said requests, I have introduced this service, specially designed for fulfilling the need of very limited number of my most valued clients. The personal meeting with my clients, in my own office, help me in understanding their needs with more clarity and in a much better way. I can serve them better through exchange of heart felt thoughts during Personalized Face-to-Face Counseling Sessions.