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New York, USA
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What various Vjyotish indexes reflect?

Indexes of chances or suitability of travel & journeys

This section of Vjyotish indexes provides you birth-chart specific astral guidance, based on the wisdom of ancient Indian seers, which helps you in deciding the proper time to undertake journeys through various modes of travel. In Vedic Jyotish, various modes of transportation, the eight directions, the foreign lands, the distances and other elements of a journey are signified by different planets and houses in a birth chart.

You should try to plan your travel when concerned planets and houses are strong and inclined positively. For example, if Vjyotish index for 'Travel by air' is negative on certain dates, you should avoid air-travel on those dates, as far as possible.  Suppose, you need to travel North of your birth-place, you must check Vjyotish index of auspiciousness for North direction and so on.

This astrological planning will increase the success element in your travel efforts. These indexes should at least be consulted when you are traveling for some important cause.

The following specific indexes are available in Vjyotish under this head:

01. Index of suitability for travel by air
02. Index of suitability for travel by surface transport
03. Index of suitability for sea voyage
04. Index of suitability for foreign Travels
05. Index of long journeys within the country by surface transport
06. Index of short journeys or journeys to neighbouring countries
07. Index of auspiciousness of directions to travel
08. Index of suitability for traveling during the night

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