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Suggested Vjyotish indices to be referenced in various situations


Here, we shall try to give you some examples of the methodology to be adopted while using Vjyotish. It is simply an attempt to put you on the needed track of mind-set which can enable you to use Vjyotish in the most proper way.

When you try to find an answer of your query through it, we suggest you to identify the various issues involved, which may be helpful in answering your query, directly or indirectly. You should adopt a multi-cornered approach towards astrology too just like you have it in your general life. The basic idea behind suggesting this exercise is to cross-check an eventuality from several possible angles. We also suggest to go through the chapter "Some tips for better usage" before reading this chapter. It will make better reading thereafter.  


There is a section in the program, called "Relevant Vjyotish indices as a group". Here, you may have a bird's eye-view of astrological signatures concerning various involved issues which must be looked into while you are seeking the divine guidance with a specific object in your mind. In this section, several important issues has been listed and various relevant indices have been pre-defined to make your task easier.





Suppose, you have to speculate in the stock market. You want to know whether a particular period is suitable for speculative actions or not?


The first step is to find out from Vjyotish's menu that which of it's indexes can reply this query, directly or indirectly. We made a list as follows:


     The "index of suitability of speculative actions" is available on the program menu, which directly answers this question.

There is an "index of financial prosperity" which can answer the above query in an indirect manner that whether prosperity is promised or not on the required dates.

There is another index which may be helpful in telling us whether our intelligence level will be on higher ebb or on the lower side. If your "index of Intelligence Quotient (I.Q.)" is positive, it indicates that your judgements will be taken with due intelligent steps. Speculative actions need a higher degree of intelligence.

Then, there are separate indexes showing suitability for many individual industry sectors. Suppose, your favourite scrip's industry sector also features in it. If it is green, it gives a supportive astro-evidence that the day is suitable for dealing in that scrip.





Suppose, you have to travel by air from Delhi to Mumbai, which is in South-West direction from your birth place. You want to know whether this travel will remain safe and also bring the desired goals or not?


The first step, again, is to find out from Vjyotish's menu that which of it's indexes answers this query, directly or indirectly. We made a list as follows:


The "index of travel by air " is available on the menu, which directly answers the first part of the above question.

The "index of suitability of South-West direction " is also available on the program menu, which indirectly answers the above question by telling about the auspiciousness of the direction on those dates.

There is an "index of fortune" which can answer the above query in an indirect manner that whether there is no mishappening in the store and whether fortunate events will happen on the required dates.

There are certain "suitability indexes" in the menu, for the specific purposes. If there is an index  for  your travel-purpose too, check it. It will give you an indication about success in the purpose for which you intend to travel.

There is an "index of long journeys" which gives you an answer in terms of suitability of undertaking long journeys on specific dates.


These are simply some of the exemplar cases, and not the exhaustive list of innumerable usage, of which the Vjyotish is capable of. We again remind you that such comparison of several indexes of related matters will provide you corroborative astrological evidence. The greater the number of evidences in a particular direction, the greater is the probability of that event.

We recommend you to visit "Real life incidents and Vjyotish" section of this site. It will provide you an insight how a particular incident can be captured from various angles.

It is advisable to have a look at occupational profile of the existing Vjyotish users also. Here, you will get the clue how thousands of Vjyotish users, falling under various occupation-categories, are using the product for different purposes. 


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