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Dear Shyam ji, thank you for your consultations. I have realised that talking to the right person can help clear confusions that pandits can create.

Kavita K.

Atlanta (GA), USA

Excellent detailed reading.....thank you. very professional.

Vikram D.

Comments on liverperson.com after Live-consultation with Shyam

Very interesting, clear, and helpful explanation of Vedic Astrology. Thanks again Mr Shyam S. Kansal!

Kalea P.

Comments on liverperson.com after Live-consultation with Shyam

Fantastic. My own astrologer at back home also suggested the same number seven. Your answer was perfectly in tune. Seven has been my favourite number always. I never knew that Vedic astrology can provide such an accurate reading. Thanks a lot Shyam !!

Selena G.

Comments on liverperson.com after Live-consultation with Shyam

Your approach and clarity of thought is refreshing and inspiring. Your predictive technique serves to draw away the veil of ambiguity, which is so prevalent with most other practitioners of this science.  Your method removes the guesswork by adhering to a form of precise numeric delineation.  

Graphic Designer, Toronto, Canada

Shyam, This is amazing!!! It clarifies so many issues that have upset me for years ....Thank you so much for your answers ... my God, if only I could have had these answers at age 16 my life might have been somewhat easier!  

Geologist, Australia

Dear Mr. Shyam, I have received and gone through your analysis. Please accept my many many thanks for explaining and allaying my anxieties. I am not quite sure how to thank you enough for your logic based explanation in very clear language. I would like to ask more questions and will share the questions through the website form soon. Many regards.   

Mail dated 5th July 2013




Admiration by satisfied customers


 Testimonials by website visitors