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The eight men-years, abundance of innovative ideas,  and above all, the passion. Only such wealth of investments could create an astrological experience so rich, rare and unique. Here's a report, the Vjyotish, designed to take your expectations to a new high.

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User's manual: Installing and customizing Vjyotish

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Installing VJyotish  

Once you have downloaded “vjinstal.exe” from the this site, or, you have this file available on the diskettes or CD, you are ready to install Vjyotish in your system. Run 'vjinstal.exe'. This is a self-extracting compressed file, which will install VJyotish into your system’s “C:\Vjyotish\” folder, with all of it's associated components within a few seconds of time.


You may run this installation file (Vjinstal.exe) from Window's 'Run' option. Just follow the simple instructions shown during the installation process.



Installing your own personal data files:

”vjinstal.exe” will install Vjyotish with a sample person's birth-data files only. This installation file does not contain the data files prepared for your own horoscope (even if you have ordered for). Once Vjyotish has been installed, your personal data files remains to be installed in "C:\Vjyotish\" folder.


Your personal data files are sent by us, in compressed form, as a single zip archive, named after your Pcode (such as "P0023.zip"). When you order for your own personalized Vjyotish, we send this zip file usually by email, as an attachment. Please save this file in the C:\Vjyotish\ folder, if receiving through email. This zip archive is stuffed with two files – one is with “.dbf” extension and the other is with “.rsh” extension (for example- P0023.dbf and P0023.rsh).

Note:  If you are installing Vjyotish from diskettes, this zip archive will be available in diskette no.2 [marked as Disk # 2 of 2].


You can install these personal data files through a utility provided in Vjyotish. Once the Vjyotish is installed, run "Vjyotish.exe" and go to it's “Install your personal data files” menu. This menu is accessible as the last option in ‘Single Aspects mode’ of Vjyotish. This utility will extract your personal data files to your “C:\Vjyotish\” folder.



In a very few cases, this DOS based unzip utility may give error in Windows environment due to technical reasons. In that case, you may do this job yourself also. Extract these two files from your personal data file’s zip archive (for example- P0023.zip) to C:\Vjyotish\ folder, through any unzipping utility installed in your system (eg: "Winzip" or "PKZip"). After extraction, verify that the two files, names of whom starts with your Pcode and extensions “.dbf” and “.rsh”,  are present in your C:\Vjyotish\ folder.

Once the installation of your personal data files is over, you are ready to run Vjyotish for your own personal birth-data. Quit Vjyotish for a while and run "VJyotish.exe" again, providing it with your own Pcode this time, instead of the default Pcode “XXXXX”.

If you are new to computers, please read "Instructions for new computer users" section of this document to install Vjyotish properly.


Note: we recommend that you keep the "VJinstal.exe" as a back-up and do not delete it even after installation is complete. In case of unexpected shut down of your system, while Vjyotish was running, some database files may get corrupted. In that case you may need to re-install Vjyotish. Just running "VJinstal.exe" will re-install VJyotish again removing any types of faults.



We again remind you that Vjyotish comes with a sample person's birth-data files only. "Vjinstal.exe" does not contain the data files prepared for your own horoscope. Once Vjyotish has been installed, your personal data files has also to be installed/copied manually in "C:\Vjyotish\" folder. Please read "Installing Vjyotish" section  at the beginning of this document.

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