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The eight men-years, abundance of innovative ideas,  and above all, the passion. Only such wealth of investments could create an astrological experience so rich, rare and unique. Here's a report, the Vjyotish, designed to take your expectations to a new high.

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- How to

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  is useful

- Real life 
incidents and

- What eminent

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User's manual
  of Vjyotish

User's manual: License conditions to use Vjyotish

The license to use your customized Vjyotish is granted to you on the following conditions and assumptions only:

When you order for license of customized Vjyotish, our very first assumption is that you have already downloaded and successfully installed Vjyotish on your system. Before ordering us for customization, you are supposed to ensure that the program is compatible with your machine and is running perfectly well as a demo. No refunds will be made if program is installed after ordering customization and it malfunctions on your computer.

It is also presumed that you have already gone through the document - "Exactly what you will get from us", before ordering us the customization. If you have not gone through this document, please do it now.

You are expected to make backup copies of your customization application (based on your birth-data), which is sent by us, through email,  when you order us for customization. Your customization application will be removed from our web-server and the system automatically after 15 days counted from the date of dispatch from our office. If, afterwards, your request is received for re-sending your customization application, replacement charges (Indian Rupees 250 for Indian customers and US Dollars 10 for overseas customers, for each year of index data) will be chargeable towards re- processing cost, handling and forwarding.

You should also keep the installer (setup) application safe on your system, even after installing Vjyotish. It may be required in future for re-installing Vjyotish.  You are advised to make the backup copy of the installer application. Though, installer may be downloaded from our website anytime, but program upgrades in future may, sometime, render your customization files incompatible with the newer versions. Therefore, it is advisable that you should keep a copy of the original version (of the Vjyotish installer) for which your customization application was generated.

If you received Vjyotish installer and customization application on a CD, you must make a back-up of that CD immediately after receipt from us.

The program should be installed, customized and checked for proper functioning - immediately after receipt. If there is any problem, it should be reported to us immediately by telephone, fax or email, within 7 days of receipt of the program at your end. 

All program upgrades shall normally be free to you. You shall be informed about the release of the upgraded versions, as and when they are released. You may download latest program versions from our website. Your old customization application will generally remain valid with the newer versions also. However, we can not guarantee it. Sometimes, major changes and incorporations in the future upgrades may render your customization application incompatible with the newer versions. In such cases, a upgrade fee might be charged by us to re-furnish you with the customization application which is compatible with the new version of the main program. The amount of upgrade-fee will depend upon how much labour has gone into the newer version.

It is presumed that before applying for license to use Vjyotish, you have already gone through our "Privacy policy" and the "Disclaimer statement". If you have not read these documents, please do it now.




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