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Guarantee of Secure Transaction

Security of our customers is a key concern for us when they are transacting online. We adopt stringent security measures to ensure that critically sensitive information about your credit card is protected. One of them is The Card Verification Method, or CVM. Visa calls this security feature as CVV2 and Master Card calls it as CVC2. This additional 3 or 4 digit is code is featured / incorporated on all Master Cards and Visa cards issued worldwide, including cards 'Valid only in India and Nepal'.

The CVV2 is an extra 3 digits (sometimes 4 digits) at the far right hand side of the signature strip on the back of your Visa or Mastercard. It is separated from the card number with a space. These additional 3 digit numeric code is not embossed on the card nor available in the magnetic stripe. 

In this example, the CVV2 number on the card is 999. We do not accept payments without the CVV2 number.

The purpose of CVM/ CVV2 is to ensure that the person submitting the transaction is in possession of the actual card, since the CVV2 code cannot be copied from charge slips / receipts or skimmed from the magnetic band. We request our customer to provide this numeric code for your order and submit it with the authorization through the Citibank gateway. The card processor (i.e. Visa or Master Card) will then validate the code supplied with the number on record for the specific card, and return a match/no-match response.

Thus, if somebody anyhow comes to know your credit card number and it's expiry date, he would still not be able to make payments on our site till he physically possess the concerned card due to The Card Verification Method, or CVM.

Securing our customers

According to a Gartner Group survey, 98% of the credit card numbers that the hackers / fraudsters are able to collect, are through charge slips thrown away by retailers / restaurants / Shopping Malls etc., which contains the Card Holder's Name, the 15 or 16 digit credit card number and the expiry date. This extra 3 or 4 digit numeric code is not printed anywhere in the charge slip. Therefore the hackers / fraudsters cannot use these credit card numbers on CVM-validated transactions.

World Wide statistics have shown that fraud rates on transactions with verified CVM codes have been significantly lower than those for transactions without CVM (fraud rates on CVM-validated transaction are reportedly 90% lower than those for non-CVM transactions).
The Card Verification Method process is an expensive proposition for the payment gateways and is therefore not incorporated by any Payment gateway in India with the sole exception of Citibank.

Our customers enter all their personal information and credit card details on a secure server and the same is encrypted before it is transmitted over the Internet to the secured payment gateway. Your credit card details are not even transmitted to us.



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