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Is "Phonetically Correct Name" report useful for new born child only?


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Frequently Asked Question

After going through the sample of "Phonetically Correct Name for you" report,  on your website, I think that this report is basically meant for a newly born child going to be named. My understanding is that this report will not be of much help/use for me. What do you think?


No, your perception about the report is ABSOLUTELY WRONG.

Of course, the best stage of deciding "A Good Name" is when you are born and being given a fresh name. However, there are no restrictions in making corrections to your existing name at any stage of your life, if necessary.

Each alphabet of our name carries a vibration and sum total of these vibrations (called "Primary Root Number") should be the vibration which is most suitable to us astrologically. Sometimes it becomes necessary to change one's name to gain lost ground. One must strive to choose a name with the spelling - which returns the best possible vibration - determined through intricate Vedic astrology principles.

Use of your "Best Primary Root Number" does not end with deciding the spelling of your name. In fact, practical uses of this number are immense and can be applied in every sphere of your life. My explorations and delight as a professional Vedic Numerologist have confirmed the efficacy of this science so many times and with so many people. You can play with numbers in every aspect of your life as a simple, clear and concise system to enjoy, and enhance human dynamics.

The application of your "Best" primary root numbers may be in correcting your own name spelling, business-name, product/brand name, house-name, your Car number, your mobile number, etc. etc. The 10 digits of your mobile phone number, when summed-up together, should also return your best primary root number.

Similarly, you should avoid buying a house or plot bearing your worst Primary Root Number. Your vehicle registration plate should not sum-up to your unlucky root number.

Many of the times, it has been observed that the employees or associates, name of whom returns a primary root number, and/or starts with a syllable, which are suitable to the native, are more faithful to the native. Vice-versa is also true. Some of my clients have even applied this principle on stock-trading. They have found to their amazement that those stocks normally gave them profits, whom "spoken name" returned a suitable primary root number. Phonetically un-suitable stocks were loss makers for them. You can take tip from these examples and apply it any where.

A famous businessman of Delhi, could not understand the reason since years that why two of his very close childhood friends cheated him for twenty million Rupees (Two crores Rupees). He went to several astrologers and none could explain him convincingly. When he came to me, I calculated his "Best" and "Worst" primary root numbers and then asked the names of his two friends. And the result were amazing .. for him and me both. Names of both the friends were returning his "Worst Primary Root Number". The businessman got the answer of his query and I got a new application for these primary root numbers. I applied this principle to several such cases later on and in 80% cases principle was found working. Now I suggest my clients that never land money to any of your friend or relative, name of whom is returning your worst primary root number.

Absolutely everything is based on etheric vibration, the higher the frequency, the more force it contains. Therefore, apply your best number in every walk-of-life as much as you can.

Provided here-in-below are the links for some real-life case studies, showing that how a "Good" or "Bad" name can affect a person's life. Please go through them and thereafter decide yourself whether this report is useful for New-born babies or a necessity for person of any age:
Case study-1
A qualified doctor could not perform well in his professional life due to phonetically unsuitable name.
Case study-2
A phonetically wrong name takes heavy toll on a student's studies.
Case study-3
A Cab service provider realizes through Vedic Astro- numerology why some of his 12 vehicles were profit makers while others were simply financial disasters.
Case study-4
An industrialist gets analyzed names of several of his close staff members. Results were astonishing. The names of his faithful staff were returning his favourable primary root numbers and the names of trouble makers were returning his unfavourable numbers.

There are several more such case studies