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Importance of choosing the astrologically correct phonetic name


Dushyant Kansal

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Brief details of the case

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The native is the son of my younger brother. His Full name is "Dushyant Kansal".

According to Vedic Astrology, his name letter or Namakshara came out to be as "Daa". While deciding his name, his parents were met with a choice between two names - "Daksh" or "Dushyant".

BUT they, without realizing the importance of the phonetics of the name, finally chose the child's name to be as "Dushyant".

Since childhood, the native has been performing very badly in his studies.


27th November, 1990


7:30 hrs


Agra, India

The main points of this case study

The native's own name ("DUSHYANT KANSAL") returns primary root number 8 (eight) which is the worst root number for him.
The native's name starts with syllable "Ddoo", which is "not in harmony" with the his birth star.
The alternative name ("DAKSH KANSAL") returns the primary root number 3 (three), which is "Excellent" for the native.
The alternative name ("DAKSH KANSAL") starts with syllable "Daa", which is in "utmost harmony" with the birth star of the native, while "Dushyant Kansal" starts with syllable "Ddoo" which is passive and not in harmony with his birth star.

The astrological beneficence of various primary root numbers in native's horoscope, based on Vedic Jyotish principles, were as follows:

  Root numbers Category Beneficence percentage
3 Excellent [85.71% to 100%]
  7 Excellent [85.71% to 100% ]
  2 Good [71.42% to 85.71%]
  1 Good [71.42% to 85.71%]
  5 Good [71.42% to 85.71%]
  6 Fair [57.13% to 71.42%]
  4 Average [42.84% to 57.13%]
  9 Inadequate [28.55% to 42.84%]
8 Worst [00.00% to 14.28%]


There are seven categories of beneficence for nine primary root numbers - "Excellent", "Good", "Fair", "Average", "Inadequate", "Poor" and "Worst", depending upon the percentage of beneficence.

How the astrological beneficence is calculated?

In native's horoscope, none of the nine primary numbers falls into category "poor". The "Three" is categorized as "Excellent" and "Eight" as the "worst".

Primary root-number calculations:

            FName:  DUSHYANT                      [Alphabet count: 8]
                    46351154  = 29 = 2
            MName:  KANSAL                        [Alphabet count: 6]
                    215313    = 15 = 6  [  8 = 8 ] 
            LName:  [Blank]                       [Alphabet count: 0]
                              =  0 = 0
            # The primary root number for this spelling is 8 (EIGHT).

Note:  The root number 8 (Eight) has been denoted as the "worst"  in above astrological beneficence table and native's name "DUSHYANT KANSAL" is returning EIGHT as the primary root number

            FName: DAKSH 
                   41235 = 15 = 6
            MName: [Blank]
                         = 0 = 0 [ 12 = 3 ] 
            LName: KANSAL 
                   215313 = 15 = 6
            # The primary root number for this spelling is 3 (THREE).

Note:  The root number 3 (Three) has been denoted as "Excellent"  in above astrological beneficence table.






The phonetics having the utmost harmony & not in harmony  with native's birth star:

Under Vedic system, every letter or syllable is said to confirm to a definite pattern of sound ('Dhwani'). Vedic astrology suggests that certain patterns of sound are more in harmony with the instance of your birth. Letters or syllable with friendly vibrations may be used for purposes such as choosing native's own name, naming native's  business, a product, naming native's house and even pets.

         Letters having the utmost harmony with the native's birth star:
          'Ku', 'Ghaa', 'Jna/Ang', 'Chhaa'
          [As pronounced in: Kulsum, Ghazi, Angkorvat, Chhatarpur]

          'Ru', 'Ray', 'Ro', 'Taa'
          [As pronounced in: Rudolph, Raymond, Romilla, Tatiya]

          'Go', 'Saa', 'See', 'Soo'
          [As pronounced in: Gopal, Sarika, Seattle, Suzuki]

          'Say', 'So', 'Daa', 'Dee'
          [As pronounced in: Sewagram, Somalia, Datia, Deesa]

          'Ke', 'Ko', 'Haa', 'Hee'
          [As pronounced in: Keti, Komilla, Hawai, Hissar]

          'Tee', 'Too', 'Tey', 'To'
          [As pronounced in: Teista, Tulsa, Tejpur, Toledo]

Note:  You can see that the syllable "Daa" is one among the group of syllables having the utmost harmony with the native's birth star. His alternative name started  with "Daa" [DAKSH KANSAL].

          Letters which are passive and not in harmony with your 
          birth star:

          'O', 'Va', 'Vee', 'Vu'
          [As pronounced in: Ottawa, Vazir, Vipul, Vuyyuru]

          'Poo', 'Shaa', 'Adan/Naa', 'Tthaa'
          [As pronounced in: Poornima, Shatkona, ......, Thakurdwara]

          'Khee', 'Khu', 'Khey', 'Kho'
          [As pronounced in: Khilkapur, Khurja, Khetrapal, Khomeni]

          'Lee', 'Loo', 'Ley', 'Lo'
          [As pronounced in: Leicester, Lubbock, Leh, Lorain]

          'Mo', 'Ttaa', 'Ttee', 'Ttoo'
          [As pronounced in: Monrovia, Tauton, Teaneck, Turin]

          'Bhoo', 'Dhaa', 'Phaa', 'Ddhhaa'
          [As pronounced in: Bhupati, Dharwar, Phalguni, Dhosha]

          'De', 'Do', 'Chaa', 'Chee'
          [As pronounced in: Dewas, Dodge, Charles, Chitra]

          'Ddee', 'Ddoo', 'Day', 'Ddo'
          [As pronounced in: Deerborn, Dungarpur, Dayton, Dover]

          'No', 'Yaa', 'Yee', 'Yu'
          [As pronounced in: Norfolk, Yamaha, Yield, Yuma]

Note:  You can see that the syllable "Ddoo" is among the group of syllables not in harmony with the native's birth star. His own name starts  with "Ddoo" [DUSHYANT KANSAL].


To calculate the primary root numbers for various spellings of the name(s),  you can download Vjyotish. It's 'Astro Tools & Utilities' section contains a free utility program through which you can calculate primary root numbers yourself, for any name or spelling, in the above shown format. Click on the adjacent logo to download.

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