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Gann was not a tipster

Mr. Gann was no "Wall Street tipster" sending out market letters and so-called "inside information". Mr. Gann's results were obtained by profound study of supply and demand, a mathematical chart of money, business and commodities. He determined when certain cycles were due, and the order and the time when market movements will follow.

During the past thirty years many men have proclaimed discoveries and theories to "beat the Wall Street game", most of which resulted in loss to their followers. They could always tell by the chart just why the market did it after it happened. Mr. Gann's theory differs from the others in that he told months in advance what stocks were going to do.

His forecast stated that some stocks would make high this year in April, some in August and others in October - the month he predicted the bull movement would culminate. Of a list of a hundred stocks; thirty made highest prices in April and many declined, while others continued higher; twenty made high during August, and fifty made high of the year in October, from which the largest decline of the year has taken place.

His 1922 forecast indicated final tops on railroad stocks for August 14. The Dow Jones' averages on rails made high August 21 and reached the samve average levels on September 11 and October 16, but did not exceed the high made in August, which was made seven days later than the exact date called for in the forecast.


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