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W. D. Gann
His indications were uncanny

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His indications were uncanny

W.D.Gann was a “Wall Street Scientist”. He could forecast top of the Bull Market a year in advance. He has scored another astounding hit in his 1922 stock forecast issued in December 1921. That forecast called for first top of the bull wave in April, second top in August, and the final top and culmination of the bull market October 8 to 15, and strange as it may seem, the average prices of twenty industrial stocks reached the highest point on October 14 and declined 10 points in thirty days after that date.

Mr. Gann predicted a big decline for the month of November. He said in the 1922 forecast: "November 10-14 panicky break". During this period stocks suffered a severe decline, many falling 10 points or more in four days and on November 14 lowest average prices were made with 1,500,000 shares traded in on the New York Stock Exchange.

People were just amazed by the result of Mr. Gann's remarkable predictions based on pure science and mathematical calculations.

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