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Is this really the right person for me? How should I go about choosing? What would our lives together be like? How do we really appreciate each other? An astrological compatibility report is ideal for those who are either embarking on a new relationship, wish to better understand the relationship they have already or who want to know if it is time for a change.

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The age-old "Ashtakoot" analysis

The Ashtakoot anlysis (constellation compatibility) with in-depth interpretive details based on experience. Also, the "Dosha-rectification" checks would be performed (if found any).

INR  500 10.00

Mangal-dosha (Kuja-dosha) intensity comparison between two charts

The Kuja-dosha would be compared between the two charts in tabular form and in the exact percentage terms, as prescribed by Dr. B.V. Raman, the great Indian astrologer.

INR  500 10.00

Analysis through "Ashtakvarga" technique

The compatibility analysis for the two charts would be performed through "Ashtakvarga" technique. The Ashtakvarga has been called the "Crown Jewel of Vedic Astrology".  

INR  500 10.00

Going Beyond "Ashtakoot" - checking harmonies between Ascendants, Moons, Suns and Venuses

Several learned Jyotish scholars have started applying new Jyotish techniques to find the linkages between the other important pillars of two charts (besides the Moon), e.g., Ascendant, Sun and Venus. The Moon may be a very important planet, but it is obviously not everything.

INR  500 10.00

Comprehensive in-depth astrological analysis of a matrimonial proposal under consideration.

Prospective spouse's chart would be analyzed for natal promises concerning "Quality" of conjugal-life, prospects of children, health issues and several other vital life-aspects, through intricate Jyotish methodology.

INR  2,100 42.00

All of the above mentioned 5 reports

(Approx. 25% discount will be applicable on consolidated amount of the 5 reports)
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