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To download installer (set-up application) for "Vjyotish-exl", send an email to following mail id. You will receive a download link, almost immediately, in response to your mail. From that download link, you may download the installer.

For 32-bit Windows only

Write subject line as - "Download" and send a mail to:

Read following note carefully

Don't download the whole program again just to update the "Free astro-utilities" section. Instead, just "Update" it !
Read following instructions:

If you already have got installed the latest version of "Vjyotish-exl" (ver.08.06) and now wish to update the free astro-utilities section of the program (Chaugharia, Planetary-hours ("Hora"), Rahu kaal, etc.) - then  YOU NEED NOT to download and install whole vjyotish program afresh again. Instead, you should send an email to:


(write subject line as: "Update")

You will receive a link to download very small update file.
That would be sufficient for you.

Note: Your email address will never be shared with any other parties or spammed!.
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Normally, you should receive the download link almost immediately. If you do not receive the link even after few hours, please check your spam folder. The response mail from our side might have landed there. If it is not found even in your spam folder, you may contact us for help.

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