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Vjyotish tested on real-life incidents [3]

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Worst incident of his life was pin-pointed with exact date:

"Thanks for your event analysis. U pin pointed the worst incidence of my life which was loosing my dad on Sep 18th 1977. I have never gotten this answer from the other methodology which I have been practicing for the last 5 years. Now I am fan of you and Vjyotish for life. God Bless Shyaam. I will get back to you in detail shortly. .... Many thanks, Bala"

Bala Sosale

Software Engineer with IBM, USA
[9th October 2003]

Bala wanted to test Vjyotish capabilities of prediction. He asked a very specific question. He wrote - "a very significant event of my life happened on 19th September 1977. Is it possible to pin-point the type of this event through Vjyotish reports?" 

His Vjyotish report was prepared and following answer was sent:

You have asked about a particular date : 19th September 1977. You were under Mercury-Mars-Mercury dasa at that time. Mercury is highly malefic in your horoscope as it is the lord of 3rd and 6th and posited in 7th. Its maleficence increase further as it is being aspected by 11th lord and is conjunct with Venus - the lord of 2nd and 7th houses. Mars, though 8th Lord is not so bad being also the ascendant lord. Vjyotish reports Mercury as highly malefic for  you after considering all these astrological parameters.

Mercury has maximum influence on your 7th House thus the incident could have been related to your wife or business partnership. However, due to some other positive factors that possibility is remote. Another house is 2nd House which might have suffered during Mercury dasas. Second House relates to your Wealth, “Kutumba” (family as a whole), separation from the parents, education etc.

Now – there is one important thing to be noted. Your 8th House’s Vjyotish index is going down steeply for a single date – i.e 18th September 1977 very suddenly. 8th House brings events which are sudden and unexpected. Whatever happened around 18th September – was very sudden.

Also see - Index of overall mental tranquility, which is making a bottom on 18th September 1977
Also see - Index of misfortune in general is also making a bottom on 18th September 1977.

Vjyotish index for the 8th House clearly indicated sudden negative incident around 18th September 1977

Vjyotish index for the 'Misfortunes in general" also made a bottom on 18th September 1977


Person's birth data: 

[Horoscope code: VT053]

Date of incident: 


Bala Sosale

19th September 1977. It was the worst incident of his life when his father expired on this date.

Date of birth

18th November 1961

Time of birth (24 hr. format)

17:30 hrs.

Time zone

+05:30 hrs. 

Place of birth




Geo-graphical coordinates

012N59;  077E35


[Data source: .Bala Sosale himself]

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