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Vjyotish analysis of a lottery win

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"Mr. Shyaam Sunder Kansal has done pioneering work in this field. He has successfully developed software using Ashtakvarga and other relevant quantifiable astrological parameters which aims at providing a sound basis to anyone looking for astrological guidance in everyday endeavours. He has also attempted to quantify factors that were hitherto not quantified. He has been the first and is the only person in our knowledge so far who has recognized the potential of Ashtakvarga and married it to computers with very successful predictive results. "

Anshumalee Sood

M.Tech (I.I.T. Delhi)
Jyotish Acharya
Publisher of "Vedic Astrology" bi-monthly journal

Here is a post-event analysis of the birth chart of a person, who himself is a practicing Vedic astrologer, based in Bangalore (India). He is also fond of buying lottery tickets. He wanted a Vjyotish analysis of  his past lottery win to convince himself about the efficacy of our predictive system before ordering customized Vjyotish for next three years. He ordered us for customized Vjyotish for past one year (from 3rd June 2002 to 2nd June 2003), without telling us the actual date of lottery win. He wanted to check whether Vjyotish could identify the date when Lady Luck was smiling on him.
We sent him his Vjyotish customization files for past one year. On analyzing his Vjyotish indexes, we also told him that he must have won lottery between 18th June 2002 and 2nd July 2002, because concerned Vjyotish indices were comparatively more positive during this period. He told that it was the night between 19th June/20th June 2002 that he had won an amount of Indian Rupees 1,00,000 in Karnataka State lottery. 

There was one interesting observation too.  Our analysis showed to him that he won lottery at the very start of a most lucky cluster of 15 days available during the whole year. In this index, up to 18th June 2002, index hovered in “average” range, except for 3-4 days when it was in “Fair” range. From 19th June it went into “Fair” range and remained continuously in “Fair” range up to 3rd July. A continuous patch of 15 days – a rare phenomenon. There was no other such good patch available during the whole year.

He could have won even more lotteries of bigger amounts - had he been using Vjyotish at that time for astrological guidance and continued to buy lotteries till 2nd July 2002. The best date (28th June 2002), among this 15 day cluster, was yet to come. (See his Vjyotish index below).

He immediately placed order for 3 year's customized Vjyotish.


Person's birth data: 

[Horoscope code: VT047]

Date of incident: 20th June 2002


N. Venkateshan


Our analysis showed to him that he won lottery at the very start of a most lucky cluster of 15 days during the whole year. He could have won more or even bigger amounts - had he been using Vjyotish at that time for astrological guidance.

Date of birth

2nd February 1957

Time of birth (24 hr. format)

20:01 hrs.

Time zone

05:30 hrs. [ahead of GMT]

Place of birth

Kulitalai (Near Tiruchinapalli)



Geo-graphical coordinates

78E41'10' 10N49'10'

[Data source: The person is a client of Vjyotish's author and birth-details has been obtained directly from the person concerned. The person is a dedicated Vjyotish user for his lottery purchase decisions since June 2003.]
The incident is discussed here with the consent of the person concerned.


The minimum and maximum theoretically possible astrological values for "Luck-index for sudden fortunes & lotteries" are -655 and +655 respectively. However, this Vjyotish index oscillated between -251 and +251 only during the analyzed period for the person concerned. Thus, the winning amount could not have been spectacular. For impressive wins, the date should have been categorized as "Excellent", or at least  "Good", by the Vjyotish program.

You may read a detailed discussion on "How to interpret the Vjyotish indices" to understand the concept better.

"Luck index for sudden fortunes and lotteries" can be created through Vjyotish in following steps:

Main menu of the program--> Vjyotish indexes ---> Single life aspect --> Indexes for sudden gains, lotteries, gambling (3rd option) --> Luck index for sudden fortunes and lotteries (2nd index)

Other related Vjyotish indexes, which showed almost similar astrological patterns on the date of lottery win:

Index code

Vjyotish index title



Prosperity index

The whole of June 2002 shows green bars in the index. But, after 19th June 2002, it is on continuous rise up to 3rd July indicating increase in prosperity during the fortnight.


Wealth index

Same results are shown as shown the "Prosperity index".


Windfall index

This index becomes highly positive between 22nd June 2002 and 4th July 2002. It re-confirms that some sort of wind-fall can be expected.


Index of aggregate astrological net-effects

This index shows the sum of astrological values for 9 planets and 12 houses. This index is highly positive between 23rd June and 3rd July.

Vjyotish price-list and order form

You can test the above incident yourself. Ask us for the Vjyotish data files for this horoscope. Please quote the horoscope code (written above with the birth data).

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