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Significations of the Eleventh house in Vedic Jyotish
Meaning and Key Concepts of the Eleventh house in a horoscope



The Eleventh is the house of gains. It shows income or what brings us increase. It indicates anything we may possess much of or find increase through. It relates to goals, aspirations, wishes, will, and ambition and the results we are able to acquire through them. It measures our individualistic motivation that can lead to impulsiveness and egoism. On the other hand, it indicates the possible realization of our ideals and desires. In terms of family relationships, it represents elder brothers and sisters, and their fate is read through it.

It is a house of abundance in which planets are usually very strong and favourable (even though the lord of this house usually has a negative power). Whatever planet is located here it will bestow its qualities upon us in great measure. Venus here, for example, can indicate having several wives; Jupiter here can give wealth. On a higher level, the Eleventh can give great spiritual gains and show the development of an expansive and articulate intelligence (in this respect it resembles the Fifth house, whose opposite it is on the chart).

The Eleventh gives great material gains, but there is often the tendency to be overly presumptuous about them and to over extend ourselves through them. It is not only the place of abundance but also of excess.

This is somewhat different from the indications of the Eleventh in the Western system. Both systems see it as a house of goals and aspirations, but the Western view relates it more to group work, group expression and friendship. In the Indian system it is an individualistic and sometimes anarchic or egoistic house. It gives many resources, perhaps people, to manifest through, yet from a position not of equality but of power.