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Significations of the Second house in Vedic Jyotish
Meaning and Key Concepts of the Second house in a horoscope



The Second house is the house of livelihood. It relates to earning capacity and our ability to provide for ourselves in life. It does not indicate career but helps indicate the financial success in it, particularly what accrues through our own labor. Wealth & Property, Status, Fortune, financial condition, ability to acquire material resources, monetary investments, self acquisition and optimism are signified by Second house in general.

Relating to the face, it can show beauty or how we appear in life. Relative to the mouth, it shows our appetite and may indicate taste, not only in food; it can also show our sense of taste in art.

As the house of speech, it shows intellect and the capacity for communication ("Vak-patuta"). Basically, it shows how we operate and express ourselves in life. The content of 'truth' in speech is also signified by this house.

It represents education, and as immediately following the First house, it shows the period of childhood.

According to its strength, it may give wealth, social prestige, or powers of speech and writing. Afflictions to it can show excessive spending, harsh speech or excessive self expression, unhappiness as a child or separation from the parents.