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Birth-chart analysis (general)

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Special Chart Reading Packages

In-depth astrological analysis is done for your "specific questions" and answer is sent through email. Normally, fee is same for each question and is on "Per Question" basis. If you have more than one question to ask, sliding discounts are applicable depending upon the number of questions. The pro-rata fee gets reduced depending upon the number of questions. Details on fee structure may be found on "Order page" itself.
Given here-under is a list of sample questions, for your guidance.

INR 1,130 US $ 32
per query
I want your guidance to prevent any obstacles, failures and reversals in life. Please Analyze the Birth Chart and suggest my good and bad periods in life. What can I do Now to enhance my good time. What are the safeguard measures for the bad times?  
I am unable to succeed in life. Everything which I attempt faces a reversal. Why is this happening with me? Please analyze my Birth chart and guide me. When will things get better?  
Nothing is happening right in my life. Everything is getting delayed. Please analyze my chart and suggest remedies to make things happen in life. Will there be a better time ever?  
There are too many ups and downs in my life. I do not feel settled. Will I ever settle in life? Please guide me and suggest remedies to make things better. Will it remain like this forever! Please guide and suggest remedies.  
Please analyze my chart and suggest if I am Manglik? Do I have a Kaal-Sarp Dosha in my Birth chart? What are the Precautions and remedies for the same? Please also suggest the Good Points (Shubh Yogas) in my Birth chart. How will all this affect my life?  
What are the good Yogas in my Birth Chart? How will they benefit me in my life in terms of Progress and Prosperity?  

Each of the following questions may have "Different" and "Specific fees", as mentioned against each of them. These questions would not attract any sliding discounts and are payable in full. To place your order for following questions, read instructions or write us for help.

    Price (INR) Price (USD)
Natal Reading (Detailed)

A comprehensive interpretation of the Vedic natal horoscope. This reading includes a psychological and personality profile; an evaluation of the potentials of various aspects of life (e.g. Health, Family & Friends, Property & Wealth, Spirituality, Home & Away, etc.); Trends and Events related to various aspects of life in coming three years analyzed through Vjyotish index methodology; Identification of the eventful years of your life ("Best" and the "Worst" age-years); . Analysis of Vimshottari dashas to analyze the different planetary periods and what effect they will have on your life; Overview of bullish and bearish phases in your life-journey. Also, you will be told about "The Astrological Suitability of Eight Directions" which will be useful while choosing the best place for higher education, career, business, investing in property and overall happiness and spirituality.

General Horoscope Analysis
(See "Essentials of a Horoscope reading")



Rectification of Birth Chart
People often write that -
"I do not know my exact BIRTH TIME. It falls between _____ to _____ (2 hrs.time variation limits). I am mentioning the dates of important events in my life (for example; marriage, birth date of children, divorce, any major accidents, illness, or about important relationships, interpersonal relationships with parents, brothers and sisters, qualification etc.) to help you to ascertain my correct Birth Time."

In this situation, birth time rectification is needed.

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