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In-depth astrological analysis is done for your "specific questions" and answer is sent through email. Normally, fee is same for each question and is on "Per Question" basis. If you have more than one question to ask, sliding discounts are applicable depending upon the number of questions. The pro-rata fee gets reduced depending upon the number of questions. Details on fee structure may be found on "Order page" itself.
Given here-under is a list of sample questions, covering this particular aspect of life, for your guidance.

INR 1,130 US $ 32
per query
Will the Year ahead bring bliss in terms of success, health and happiness?  
How the year ahead will be in terms of Marriage, Finance, Health and Job?  

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Graphical Analysis of astrological trends in various aspects of your life  
The analysis of your personal astrological signatures, for the given period, is done with the help of our proprietary "Vjyotish Index" methodology, also called "AstroGraphs". An AstroGraph comprises a set of graphical depictions indicating the positive and negative influences in specific areas of your life. Significant spheres of life are integrated in this amazing astrological device. All displayed graphs are derived from an in-depth evaluation of your birth chart, where exhaustive mathematical calculations go into the development of the grids and scorings.

Different AstroGraphs are your daily, weekly and monthly guide in various life-spheres that helps you differentiate and channelize all your scattered energies in a more effective manner during any particular day of the month.



Astrological trends in life during coming years   
The report evaluates the potentials and trends in various aspects of your life, in an easy to understand analytical format through Vjyotish index method. The innovative is the 'concept' and 'method' of drawing a net astrological conclusion in precise numerical terms, called as "net astrological effect", by mathematically quantifying various key astrological parameters. The "Best dates" and "Worst dates" for each specific life aspect are clearly marked.